UK Police Car

This is a quick UK style police car I created mainly for marking the location of emergency scenes for HEMS flights. This package also includes an Emergency Flare. I am building a library of emergency vehicles for UK, US, and other locations that will be coming soon. I have another police car, new ambulance, and several fire trucks. I am in the process of getting these added to MSFS.

You can see the SimObject version of this police car in action in the Helicopter Emergency Operations (HErO) app.

Drop this into your community folder and you can add the police car to your scenery using the MSFS SDK (freeware or personal scenery only). Please do not copy my model library package into your scenery project for uploading, instead add my download as a required or recommended dependancy. This will ensure users can get the latest updates.

You can download my UK Ambulance here:

I also have a Czech version here:

Check out my profile for scenery in UK, Germany, France, and  more Emergency Vehicles

Leave a comment or send a message if you have any issues. I would love to see screenshots in the user gallery if you use it.