This trip will put you in the pilot seat of a P40-B destined for Russia during World War II. You will  fly the plane via the Northwest Staging Route from Great Falls, MT to Fairbanks, AK.. The journey leads you along the Rocky Mountains through Canada. Most of the route follows what is now known as the Alaska Highway. This road was initially built to help in constructing and supplying all the airfields along the route.

Although the route is over 1800 miles long, it can be completed in just over 7 hours. The longest flight is the first one from Great Falls to Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and should take you a good hour. Just take care of your fuel and you should have no problems reaching your destination. For a true #FlyTheDamnPlane feeling we recommend 1000 - 3000 feet AGL.

To receive more information on the Northwest Staging Route, please refer to Wikipedia.

This bush trip was designed to allow you to properly park your plane after a leg. Hence, do not forget to turn off the engine, avionics and battery at the end of a flight.

Please make sure you have installed these addons before starting the trip.

Big Radials P-40B Tomahawk

Northway PAOR by DADGAMETIME - Alternate

Tanacross TSG by Pontiac51

This bushtrip would not have been possible without BushTripInjector. Our thanks to BuffyGC!