On this tour, you will fly from the northernmost to the southernmost Airport in Africa. You will depart in Tunesia at the Sidi Ahmed Military Station, from there you will fly south and cross the Sahara until you reach the Savannah, then you will cross the African rainforest. After that, you will fly over the Namib desert until you reach the mountains of South Africa. At the end of the tour, you will land at Andrew's Field Airport in Bredasdorp. 

The longest leg of this tour will be 1224 nm long so I would recommend choosing a plane with at least that range. I personally flew the Tour with the Beechcraft Baron G58. You will mostly land at small and remote Airfields so I would also recommend using a plane that doesn't necessarily need paved runways.

How to install:
-Unzip the file
-Start Msfs2020 and go to the world map
-Click: Load/Save
-Click: Load
-Select the extracted .pln file 
-Have Fun :)