On this tour, you will land at 10 different Airports in 6 Countries across Central and South America. The longest leg on this Tout will be 334 nm long so you will need a plane that has a bigger range than this. I personally flew it with the Diamond DA62. 

Your journey will start at the Airport of Bogota, which is the capital city of Columbia. You will then fly to a remote airstrip in the middle of the jungle. From there you will fly to Panama. Then you will fly to Sirena Station, a beautifully handcrafted airport in the jungle of Costa Rica, but before that, you will stop at Isla del Rey, which is one of the Pearl islands, a little Island group near Panama. Once you are at the airport of Sirena Station you will fly north towards Cancun, which will be the final airport of the tour. You will now fly along the Coast of Nicaragua to Puerto Cabezas. From there you will fly to Siuna, a little City in the Jungle with a bit more than 100.000 inhabitants. You will then continue your journey to the north and land at a little airport on an Island near Honduras. From there you will fly over the Ocean and land at an airport at the Coast of Mexico. On your last leg, you will fly along the Mexican coast until you land at the International Airport of Cancun.