Hello :)

This livery was outbid during the stream on Twitch as part of the Paris-Dakar Rally. Charity was organized by the amazing SeedyL, you can find his Twitch here. The money was donated to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS - international, medical humanitarian organisation working in more than 70 countries around the world. This medical teams act fast to save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics.

You can find DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS website here, I also encourage you to donate <3

Thanks a lot for organizing this charity: FactualGull, SeedyL, CoPilotWinglet and especially Diagonalization2 who donated the money for this livery and agreed to share with everyone here.

Thank you for being able to take part in this event in this way! This paint job was done during charity on Twitch.

Enjoy :)

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