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C172 JT-A

Link to the active discussion on FS forums A quick tutorial by Daniel on how to operated the JTA <3 The C172 JT-A is a C172 S with a new engine. The JT-A is faster, while burning less fuel than the C172S. No needing to...


Link to the active discussion on FS forums

A quick tutorial by Daniel on how to operated the JTA <3

The C172 JT-A is a C172 S with a new engine. The JT-A is faster, while burning less fuel than the C172S. No needing to play with the mixture or worry about density atlitude. The 155hp turbo diesel engine with FADEC makes flying the JT-A almost feel like cheating. 



This C172 has the Continental CD155 155 HP engine. This is a turbocharged diesel engine controled by a FADEC, similar to the DA40TDI, but with 20 more ponies. The sound file is from the DA40NG. The FADEC runs just like the DA40 and DA62 Mods. No need to control mixture and prop. 

  • Accurate engine performance in relation to pressure altitude and temperature
  • Accurate fuel flows
  • Custom engine and oil temperature simultion with thermostat and oil/water heat exchanger
  • Added oil and fuel starvation when flying inverted.

2. Flightmodel

  • Faster cruise speeds at higher altitudes 
  • Smoother less twitchy control compared to default
  • Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
  • Increased flap lift, drag and moment
  • Increase pitch up and p-factor from the engine
  • Tighter turn radius on the ground
  • More accurate susspension and sitting attitude 

3. Compatible with WT G1000 NXi

  • Added systems and fuel page with funtional fuel totaliser
  • Correct engine and custom ammeter indications
  • CAS messages added for engine, failures and other systems.

4. Systems

  • ECU run-up
  • Functional windshield defrost 
  • Simulated fuel/gearbox temperature
  • Improved autopilot PIDs with correct lateral and vertical limitations

5 Visuals

  • BIG Thanks to Bagolu for adding the MT Prop! (Shitty texture by me)
  • BIG Thanks to DanielLOWG for recreating the JT-A cockpit!
  • Improved External lighting (Uwajimaya's mod)
  • Added white Navlight
  • Quad Flash strobes
  • Unique livery included by @BilingualHarp7

6. Other

  • Fuel totaliser can be reset using the ELT
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May 30, 2021
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2 month(s) ago — v0.4



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  • Updated to version v0.4

  • Updated to version v0.3

  • Updated to version v0.2

  • Updated to version v0.1.2.1

  • Updated to version 0.1.2

  • Initial File Release

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Just wanted to advise that ESET is flagging the download or download link as having unwanted/malicious content. I'm assuming it a false positive but the author or a flightsim.to moderator may want to investigate

I also fly this in IRL and yes, you don't need fuel pump to start. You only use it on take off and landing. However I have a problem, the throttle doesn't work. Stays at 0-9% and glitching, but the aircraft wont move. The lever is at 100%. Any workarounds for this?

Are you able to make it so it can start without needing to use the fuel pump? IRL you don't need to touch the fuel pump, it starts right up without it.

Please , i tried , i had some problem to make it work, engine doesn t start need something to do do for install it well ?

Amazing add-on! Hope you will continue to work on it!

Do you think it would be possible to make a version without wheel-fairings?

ctd every time i load this plane SU9

Hi, love this mod. I found the following issues (mostly cosmetic) that already some other peeps here explained: missing pilot/co-pilot models, collision model of rain/ snow doesn't work properly (rain falls in the cockpit, could be SU9), ALT AIR button not working and there is a very weird little

Wonderful mod, makes the C172 a much more enjoyable tourer.

Fantastic mod! I really enjoyed it. Works well for me under SU8.

Hi Tom!

Could you please bring this to the Xbox Marketplace?

Hi Tom,

just asking ifit is possible that the mod. crashes since sim update 8...?!

Tried a few times but getting crash-to-desktop now...

Thanks for looking into my concern and thank you for this mod..



Will you be fixing the problem with missing pilot avatars? Thanks for the good work!

Nice work!

Very nice mod, thank you!

Does it also work with the 172 Classic or only with the G1000?

Yes, the taxi speed and other small problems others mention lately do exist, but the price is right. It's fun to fly. Excellent work. Thanks.

No liveries and no pilot figures in External camera modes... Come on man. Great aircraft, but don't abandon it...

Love your mod - thanks! Another texture question: I wanted to make the prop darker in colour and then noticed the white decals on the three blades. On the older version I was able to make them almost invisible with alterations to the decal file, but that is not working on this update. Any ideas why that might be?

There are no pilots to be seen?? In rain or snow, this appears in the cockpit (flashes) which was not the case in the previous version.- Regards.

need liveries please or cross compatibility with the current 172 liveries.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version v0.4 October 05, 2022

    • New FADEC with idle controller
    • Improved ECU switch behavior
    • Engine will now start without fuel pump
    • Engine startup is a little more stubborn
    • Rain affects cooling
    • new propmodel

    • CFD
    • ground effect reduced

    • Pilots are now visible in 3rd person

    • Added Statesaving (disabled by default) Can be enabled with the configurator included in the plane folder

  • Version v0.3 February 11, 2022

    New cockpit thanks to DanielLOWG <3
    Added: Engine master, Force ECU B switch, ECU test button, Alternator Switch, Correct fuel quantity on pedestal

    New FADEC
    Custom water/oil temp simulation with thermostat and oil-water heat exchanger
    Ecu test behavior improved
    Redone ECU failure logic
    Pfactor increase
    Low rpm shake scaler lowered

    AP improvements
    Modelled FADECS into electrical system with backup battery
    lowered TAWS sounds

    Flight model
    Increased Elevator sensitivity slightly
    Tweaked elasticity table

    Ecu test button tool tips
    Rudder trim indication on G1000

  • Version v0.2 October 24, 2021

    Now compatible with the WT G1000 NXi
    - A bunch of changes there.
    - refresh rate of engine indications
    - load when starting
    - Added debug CAS messages (Prop Axis)
    - Added sounds: "vertical track" "500" Big thanks Jarek for showing me how <3

    - Set modern flight model only flag
    - Increased adverse yaw
    - More realistic tuned yaw stability (side slip behaviour)
    - slight empty weight increase
    - Increased control responsiveness at speed
    - Improved CL table and stall characteristics

    - Added Custom cold start behaviour stuffs
    - Startup oil pressure stuffs
    - Increased fuel heating
    - Added fuel slosh
    - Modelled fuel flow increase above 70%

    - Added script to spoof correct electrical current indications
    - Reduced power draw on all devices
    - Removed throttle squeak
    - Fixed cockpit lights

  • Version v0.1.2.1 August 04, 2021

    Thanks asobo for this wonderful update

    Note: Fuel cut-off still broken.

  • Version 0.1.2 July 02, 2021

    Changed Glowplug behaviour. Glowplugs will not cool down and starting is easier :)
    Tweaked flap drag
    Softened stall behaviour
    Added "1000 tone" and "minimums" sound effect by Positive Zero (thanks Zeke12587 for showing me that)

    BIG Thanks to Bagolu for changing the prop model to a 3 blade MT Prop!
    (Shitty prop texutre done by me)
    Check out his 172 Amphibian mod https://flightsim.to/file/15805/cessna-172-amphibian

  • Launched May 30, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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