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Version v0.2
Initial Release May 30, 2021
Last Updated October 24, 2021
File Size 227.23 MB
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General Aviation
#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version v0.2 October 24, 2021

    Now compatible with the WT G1000 NXi
    - A bunch of changes there.
    - refresh rate of engine indications
    - load when starting
    - Added debug CAS messages (Prop Axis)
    - Added sounds: "vertical track" "500" Big thanks Jarek for showing me how <3

    - Set modern flight model only flag
    - Increased adverse yaw
    - More realistic tuned yaw stability (side slip behaviour)
    - slight empty weight increase
    - Increased control responsiveness at speed
    - Improved CL table and stall characteristics

    - Added Custom cold start behaviour stuffs
    - Startup oil pressure stuffs
    - Increased fuel heating
    - Added fuel slosh
    - Modelled fuel flow increase above 70%

    - Added script to spoof correct electrical current indications
    - Reduced power draw on all devices
    - Removed throttle squeak
    - Fixed cockpit lights

  • Version v0.1.2.1 August 04, 2021

    Thanks asobo for this wonderful update

    Note: Fuel cut-off still broken.

  • Version 0.1.2 July 02, 2021

    Changed Glowplug behaviour. Glowplugs will not cool down and starting is easier :)
    Tweaked flap drag
    Softened stall behaviour
    Added "1000 tone" and "minimums" sound effect by Positive Zero (thanks Zeke12587 for showing me that)

    BIG Thanks to Bagolu for changing the prop model to a 3 blade MT Prop!
    (Shitty prop texutre done by me)
    Check out his 172 Amphibian mod

  • Launched May 30, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Very nicely done! Anyone know where we can get more liveries for this?

is there any way to be able to use custom liveries with this mod?

Lots of fun, thanks for your work.

Could you add "no wheel cover" version of this nice JT-A?

When adding some liveries, I noticed all of them have no covers in reality...

Thank you for your Mods!! Good work!

I tried the mod, it looks nice, but the elevator trim needs work, could not get to work with my X52 Pro, the MSFS C172 works fine with it. Also does not respond well to the Saitek Switch Panel, any transition from the acft controls to the Saitek kils everything, if I start with the Saitek Switch Panel, there is no response from your mod. I made it work but using the screen interface with the controls, and the trimming wheel, but is very slow to get it to center, after that it flew nice, very high rev when taxing, not of my liking, but it sure turns nice on the ground. The Autopilot also needs work. It would not engage correctly and keeps going in circle. Next I am going to try it with the Alpha Bravo setup with my other computer and check the trim. The review I saw in YouTube was not a very good one, that guy is a terrible pilot, he loves to sell manuals. Also you need to specify where to look for the glow plug you talk about when starting the engine. Cheers

Terrific model, many thanks! Can't get the auto pilot to work.

Something feels off:

Taxi speed feels way too fast

I'm in doubt that this aircraft could take off at 35 knots with no trouble, and landing at the same speed, it feels like the speed tape is not matching the performance but this is a fantastic plane, it should only get better, so much more fun to fly than the sim 172's

Oh also the throttle stack is wrong as far as how it's modeled but I'm sure you know that already

Any Liveries available for this bird?

Mixture control doesnt seem to work, either with mouse or honeycomb throttle quadrant? Am i missing something? Thanks

I'm here and downloaded because of OverKill

I can't get this mod to work with the Working Title Simulations G1000 installed. The PFD and MFD won't turn on.

The G1000 NXi is not insalled. It says "not installed" in content manager.

anyone know how to get the g1000 172 liveries to work with this mod?

Hello, I'm not able to get the autopilot working.

Thanks for this mod. I followed Travis's journey at the time and was hoping someone would mod the 172 so I could try recreating the flight.

Thank you very much for the update!

Thanks for the update!

Amazing work! I hope it gets as much word of mouth recommendation as your two other projects because it is definitely up to the same high standards. Thanks for sharing your time and talent, you make great planes even better. Quick question on liveries: Can this make use of any standard C172 livery? Is it just a matter of pointing the manifest files of C172 liveries in the right direction? Of course it would need to be the g1000 not the classic, but would it be similar to the conversion of the Asobo a320 to the FBW version? Would you please consider including a .bat file to help with the conversion for the slightly less technical of us?

After upgrading to 0.1.2 I have a gray disk where the prop should be! What did I do wrong?

Anyone not getting annunciator sound alerts (i.e., 500' warning)? I checked the panel.xml and it is referencing the correct sound event. I turned up both COM and NAV audio (not sure if that helps or is related). Other stock and modded aircraft are giving the warning correctly.

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