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Initial Release October 10, 2020
Last Updated October 10, 2020
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South Africa


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  • Launched October 10, 2020

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Hi Philip.
Thanks for the feedback. The reason the scenery is large at times really depends on how big an area is which is being rendered. For example, if you look at my Cape Town City Center scenery, this is almost half of the entire Cape Town CBD. There are a lot of polygons there! Canal Walk is also quite a large area as I did the surrounding buildings around Canal Walk as well. You will find that a lot of the other sceneries you might find could be just a single building or one or two buildings. The loading times is an issue for most people getting freeware scenery. The way the sim loads the community folder in full at launch is inefficient and I hope will one day be fixed. I have no doubt that if they don't fix this, we will all eventually be limited in the amount of freeware scenery we can get without bringing the sim to its knees. This will be a real shame.
Hey Bud, Super Awesome that you are adding content for SA, it seems we are the most active country getting extra community content, especially for me as I live in Centurion and there has been so many new scenery for us!!!

Just a quick thing, your file sizes for your scenery are HUUUGE compared to others, I'm holding back on installing for fear of load times going through the roof. All the other content that I have installed, are around the 3-10MB file size, and even these add up on the loading screen.

Is there a reason they are so big???
Thanks again bud, I promise I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth!!!

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