Converted Airbus A321 (Working A32NX Cockpit)

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Version 0.2
Initial Release May 16, 2021
Last Updated May 16, 2021
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Airline Aviation
#Airliner Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.2 May 16, 2021

    Change the name of the aircraft in the aircraft selection screen to be more easy to use it and minor file system changes.

  • Launched May 16, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Thank you for your A321! As long as the PMP A321 do not seems to work with FBW latest stable version and the compatibility mod for FBW do not too - you A321 is a solution. Ive tested it, the FBW Cockpit (Stable) is fully working. Only the cockpit sound do not apear but the engine sounds (FSX) are there. Only the EGT Temperature is alway RED - even with only 69 % N1 - so that must be a problem of the FSX transmission. ALso the Navigation lights are not exactly in position but better than in other converted FSX planes. Havent test the landing and strobelight in darkness. Good work as far we have nothing better. And do you have some other lveries ? At least a few European and North American or/and Asian? Would be nice!

Seem to get a white wash across the windscreen, making it hard to see to the front and sides. Any fix?

Hi, could you make an a319???

is not sound in my 321

how do you get liverys

Does the FBW A320 need to be installed for this? If yes, does it replace the FBW a320 for the a321?

Could you make a a319 Please?

Could you make a a318 with liveries.

Could you make a saab340.

I dropped it in the community folder and it doesn't appear in the sim

The a 321 would actually be good, but mr has a white spot on the front left of the cockpit window !!!!!

The windshield wiper doesn't work for me either.

I would love it if there were more liveries 😀 but good plane

Some wing views doesnt work

What a difference with the one ?

It is a verry good plane. Unfortunately it has a white spot on the tail (I don't know why), the sound is not the best and the cockpit windows are loking like they were not cleaned. I also couldn't hear the fire test and a new thumbnail would be brilliant. I know I said a lot of negative things, but with this things added the plane woul be better.

Which A321?
Thank you, i really like this. Are there liverys like Lufthansa?

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