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Version 1.2
Initial Release October 08, 2020
Last Updated April 24, 2021
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#Real-Life #Photogrammetry Canada Exclusive


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  • Version 1.2 April 24, 2021

    fix for crash to desktop after update 4

  • Version 1.1 January 18, 2021

    changed BGL filename to eliminate Crashes to desktop with conflicting mods

  • Launched October 08, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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the two bridges no longer appear. I just put this directory in community to test.

thank you


This scenery contains modellib.bgl which conflicts as per Asobo's recommendations. See the section here on CTD's being caused by scenery and how to fix it. Could you fix it please?
About your interest in the older (smaller )Quebec Bridge, there is a lot of history. It crashed during construction and workers died. One of the worst bridge construction disaster ever. ( See ( . Another Quebec area bridge (Three Rivers actually also partly crashed in 1951. I had been named the Duplessis bridge after the Premier of Quebec; when it was inaugurated it was announced as "being as solid as the Union Nationale (the Premier's political party.....)
Ho boy. Merci Merci Merci, j'étais tellement triste quand j'ai vu les ponts par défaut.
Hi MostlyRandom.

I had my first flight over Quebec's bridges. Man you did a great job, congratulation sir. A question for you. Is this something possible to make the very large and important railroad trecel here ? 46.748884, -71.348017
I found your new Champlain Bridge, Mostly Random. It's great, thanks a lot.
In 1988 during a tour of the British Isles and Ireland, I stayed at a hotel on the south side of the Forth, high on the hill between the two bridges. It felt just like being on the south side of the St Lawrence River near Quebec City. That hotel is no longer there according to Google Maps. The Quebec Bridges scenery is a great addition, my thanks to the author.
Now, the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal awaits your handiwork.
Cheers, it's such a nice city to fly over, had a meeting at the Frontenac before. Wee request, since you are a fellow Scot, any chance you could do the bridge at Oban airport at North Connel?
I can't tell you how glad I am with all the new Quebec bridges you added. Thank you so much. They looks fantastic.

I wonder if you plan to make the Victoria bridge in Montreal and the Orlean's island bridge just east of Quebec the two last one missing.

Also making dams is something you are able to do ? Manic 5 dam, Carillon's dam and one more in Montreal.

Thanks a lot.

Hello fellow Scot. (I am in Canada)... Can you have wee look at doing the Kessock Bridge at Inverness please?
It might be nice if you could add the reds lights at the top of the Pierre Laporte Bridge.
Glad to see more landmarks for my province Quebec 😊 Merci!
Fantastic! I appreciate your great work. Bridges are important VFR icons and yours are top quality! I agree with the others about adding the Orleans and Laviolette bridges but I would also like to see the Jacques Cartier bridge replaced. It is probably the most iconic bridge in the province if not the country.
Again thanks a lot for you big job i m in a virtual club named.... the quebec province and i share it with all members😊)) when you ll have time there is 2 majors bridges in the province......Isle of Orleans near quebec city ...and Trois Rivieres between quebec and montreal😊)) Continue your good job you make happy many virtuals pilots😊))
Great !
You strike again !!
Its true it look like Fort bridge. When I will fly to Edinburgh I will check it
Excuse my english i m french canadian.....BIG thaks to you sir for these bridges i m from this région and appreciate a lot😊))
wow thx a lot! really quick work!

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