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Version 4.5.5
Initial Release May 08, 2021
Last Updated August 09, 2021
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Miscellaneous #Real-Life Exclusive


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  • Version 4.5.5 August 09, 2021

    * Various bugs fixed which caused errors when using feet instead of meters for TORA / TODA / LDA.
    * Take-off mass limit now correctly calculated.
    * "NOT AUTHORIZED" shown as take-off or landing mass limit if the TORA / TODA or LDA available is below required for the lowest weight data is available for.
    * Front page added.
    * Flex temperature and de-rated N1 / torque now calculated and added to the TO data card.
    * Two pdf example flight plans added.
    * New example route added.
    * Various other small improvements.

    If anybody wants a particular aircraft to be included, send me the performance and weight and balance data and I will add it as an example aircraft to the tool.

    I will now focus on a comprehensive manual explaining how to use this tool effectively.

  • Version 4.5.3 August 06, 2021

    Bug fixed.

    Edit: found some bugs for calculation of landing distance on the landing data card when using feet instead of meters. Will be fixed soon.

  • Version 4.5.2 August 06, 2021

    Take-off and landing mass limit on take-off and landing data cards and maximum take-off / landing mass on the loadsheet now reflect the lowest of maximum structural and performance limited take-off / landing mass.

    Standard engine failure procedure (climb straight ahead to MSA) is assumed and included on the take-off data card if no engine failure procedure is entered on the ROUTE page.

  • Version 4.5.1 August 05, 2021

    Fixed an error in landing distance calculation on re-land and landing data card.

  • Version 4.5 August 05, 2021

    * Landing distance calculation for piston / turboprop or jet.
    * Take-off data, Re-land and Landing data cards added.
    * Tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Version 4.3 June 08, 2021

    Minor bugs fixes and tweaks.

    Bug fixed in which underload was incorrectly calculated.

    Flight number added to the OFP.

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I can't wait to use this tool for flight planning with my FSX and FS2020 aircraft mainly the C152 for FS2020 and the A2A Simulations Bonanza for FSX

Hi! I'm really liking your Flight Planning Tool, thank you very much for it! I was wondering if there might be a video tutorial for it as, even though I did read the forum, I'm still a little lost given that I'm not a real pilot myself. But I'm still very interested in the specifics of flying and would like to learn 😊

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