Avior Airlines C.A. (legally Aviones de Oriente C.A. and previously Avior Express) is an airline based in Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Venezuela. It operates scheduled and charter services within Venezuela and the southern Caribbean out of its base at Generál José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport.[1] It is currently the largest private capital airline in Venezuela in terms of fleet, destinations and its more than 1800 employees nationally and internationally.

Founded by Jorge Luis Añez Dager and Rafael Ciarcia Walo,[2] the airline was established and started operations in 1994, initially using a single five-seat Cessna Skymaster for charter flights to Margarita Island and Canaima. Actually, It is totally owned by Jorge Añez Dager.[1]

In 2009 Avior Airlines had entered a bankruptcy crisis, for which most of its destinations were suspended, and their 11 Beechcraft 1900D left the fleet. During the following years, Avior Airlines comes out of the crisis and began to resurface.

For 2012, Avior Airlines announced the creation of a new subsidiary named Avior Regional, that would cover the old routes suspended in 2009, as well as the purchase of 4 Boeing 737-400s for international flights. In 2013 the first of them arrived and also the first Fokker 50 of Avior Regional, but due to problems with the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics for the certification of the new airline, it was decided to operate the Fokker 50 while the new airline, thus reopening the destinations of Valera and Mérida until mid-2014, when they became part of the Avior Regional fleet.

Since 2015, Avior Airlines has started an ambitious process of expanding its fleet and destinations, with the aim of encouraging Venezuelan air connectivity, as a result of the reduction of flights from foreign airlines to the country, it is currently the Venezuelan airline with the greater number of destinations outside of Venezuelan territory.

In December 3, 2017, Avior Airlines was added to the List of air carriers banned in the European Union due to failing to meet their safety requirements.[3]

In December 2018, the company received the IOSA certification, which recognizes the operational processes and control systems of the airlines in terms of their safety. This means that Avior Airlines becomes part of a select community of airlines around the world with recognized prestige and trust, which opens up new frontiers such as the possibility of operating directly to Europe and other continents under internationally recognized operational standards.

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