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#Sightseeing United States

MS004 Dispatch - This is from RTMM (Return to Misty Moorings). Most of our work is was done for FSX and P3D, we have over 700 scenery locations and flight plans for them. We are now beginning to work with FS2020, starting with the Dispatches. This is not only a flight plan that you can unzip and put into your simulator, it also comes with a written "dispatch" that will tell you about each WayPoint along the way. You get historical, geographical information as well as special VFR instructions to make the trip easier for you. Most WayPoints have a small screenshot so that you can anticipate what happens next in your flight.

Installation - Download the flight plan zip and load it when you start the flight sim. Once it is loaded and ready, you bring up the Dispatch that you can get "FREE" by clicking HERE. If you need help in how to USE the Dispatch on a single monitor, you can view the "how to" video HERE. If you have a tablet or a second monitor, you just view the dispatch on that second screen.


  • SCENARIO - You are flying a commercial ferrying service for a local outfitter taking people out to various fishing lakes for a day of fishing in your (secret) fishing spots. You have one passenger who wants to fish at Mirror Lake (a buddy told him it was best). But you, knowing a better spot, have a backup fishing hole at the little cove at Leask Lake. (A good fishing guide always has a backup plan!)
  • WEATHER - You should fly with the LIVE weather as it will be the most realistic for the Misty Fjords area.  Our flight plans are all designed for "Low and Slow" operations, staying below the typical 1200 foot ceiling that is prevalent in this area. All of the locations and destinations in this flight plan are real. The weather will make the greatest difference in your flight. They call it "Misty" Fjords for a reason!
  • AIRCRAFT - This should be flown with an amphibian. (The LIttle Bird L19 is an excellent choice). You will be landing on the water in two places. (NOTAM: If you don't have an amphibian, you can still fly the dispatch, it starts and ends at PAKT Ketchikan (wheeled landing). You will just have to do a low pass over the fishing holes).
  • Flight Information - Although the overall flight safe altitude is 2400 feet,  most of the dispatch is flown at 1200 feet. On the dispatch, you are given the safe altitude for each WayPoint with a warning of altitude changes necessary ahead.

Summary - RTMM "specializes" in the Alaska Bush. We will continue putting up the RTMM FS2020 Dispatches for your enjoyment. Many will be very realistic based on actual fishing trips and flight-seeing excursions you can take in the area. We hope you enjoy our effort, as much as we enjoy creating the product.







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Fabulous little trip in Bird Dog Amphibian-if only I could have landed at Mistys Place!
Thanks for all your work

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