Guadalupe Mountains National Park Flight Plan

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#Nature #Sightseeing Exclusive Drag and Drop

Suggested airplane, weather, liftoff time, and autopilot settings:
- Cap 10 (hand-flying) or X Cub (auto-pilot)
- High Level Clouds
- Any time during the day (I liked 11am for lighting, although sunrise was pretty)
- NAV mode, VS mode @ 500 FPM to 8500ft



I host a live stream every week where we explore the National Parks together!

Before the stream, I research the park and help improve the park's Wikipedia pages. I also make a flight plan to showcase the park highlights and in case others want to fly along with me.

In the zip file you'll find:

  • The .pln file with named waypoints (load this from the World Map screen of MSFS 2020)
  • Relevant park map(s)
  • A screenshot of where this flight plan goes relative to the park map
  • MBTiles file(s) in case you have Foreflight or another app which supports these (this is how I overlay the flight plan and the park map when I fly around)
  • ForeFlight .fpl file which matches the .pln in case you prefer ForeFlight (consider using a tool like Flight-Events as a GPS/AHRS device)

All the best,
Jules Altis

P.s. I highly recommend pulling Wikipedia up on the side and looking at the park while you explore.


v1.6 - Upgraded MapTiler to remove MBTiles watermark
v1.5 - Tested to confirm autopilot usability, and includes suggested autopilot settings
v1.4 - Includes suggested plane, weather, and liftoff time
v1.3 - Includes ForeFlight .fpl file (matches the .pln file)
v1.2 - Includes full sized park map for easy reference
v1.1 - Waypoints in .pln are named
v1.0 - .pln, screenshot, and MBTiles

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Amazing West Texas Scenery , TY !! .

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