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Welcome to Southern Alaska!  This is a short trip from  East Alsek River (AK76) to Haines (PAHN) but is filled with excitement depending on your weather settings.  Start time for the flight was 11:30 local.  The weather preset I used for this flight is from Do Not Be On Fire (DNBOF) with his Weather Preset Pack found below:
I reduced snow cover to 0 cm and increased winds to 30kts.  Recommended for skilled pilots.
I have labeled 3 different waypoints:
FL060: Designates that you'll want to be at 6,000ft by this waypoint.
LZ 1:  This is the mountain top landing spot as featured in the Alaska video.
LZ  2: This is the second landing zone in the river runoff area also in the Alaska video.
Come fly with myself, GotGravel and many other talented aviators of insanity on the fastest growing bush flying community out there; GotGravel's discord!  Right now we have an ongoing expedition across North America with weekly bush flights that you need to be a part of.  Just click the invite below:
STOL Addicts Channel here, go check it out! 
- Added description to readme file with labeled waypoint image.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 April 17, 2021

  • Launched April 17, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • GotGravel
    16 day(s) ago
    Looks like a really nice flight plan...getting it!
    • TheHodge146
      12 day(s) ago
      Thanks boss, hope you enjoy!
  • DennyAtkin
    27 day(s) ago
    Really looking forward to flying this! Thanks for sharing it -- Alaska scenery is amazing.

    One suggestion: For those of us who download flight plans like this but don't fly them right after downloading, it would be handy if you included the sim setting suggestions and waypoint descriptions in the ReadMe file. That way we'd have everything we need to set up the flight right in the download, instead of having to go back and find the download listing again to find this info.

    • TheHodge146
      27 day(s) ago
      That's a great point. I'll go ahead and do that right now with the readme file. Thanks for the tip!
    • DennyAtkin
      27 day(s) ago
      Awesome! Thanks for the update!😃

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