If you would like to make fun as a follow-me car or drive in a realistic world in MFS 2020 by a car, it's the best moment to download this car :)

This is the very first version of this car- converted from FSX. It's drivable with no problem. 
Some things can work not properly such as rolling when spawning until the parking brake will be pressed. I will try to work on it in further updates.

For now, enjoy the first drivable car in MFS :) 


- Working textures inside the car
- Better sound
- Added POLICE livery

-Physics improvement (no more uncontrolled turning left or right)
-Added lights (front, back, cockpit and roof lantern- activate by pressing "L" by default, the engine must be running)


To update the car just delete the old files and "Mitsubishi pajero_CVT_" folder from the Community folder

The original file can be downloaded here

Creators of the FSX addon:
Mike Keller & Mitsuya Hamaguchi