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#Real-Life Australia Exclusive Drag and Drop

YIVE Inverloch Airfield, Victoria. Adding a missing small airfiled that's been developed in the last 3 years and still under some construction. Visible on Google Maps and non-existant on Bing.
It's a small airfiled about 1 KMs west of Inverloch which is a small seaside/holiday destination with the best Fish and Chips! Some small joy flights and day trips are available from here.

  • First strip is approximately 750m, with a pronounced hump in the middle, orientation 08/26, elevation 100ft
  • Second strip is approximately 630m, orientation 18/36, elevation 100ft
  • Watch out for power lines on the 180° approach over the road - trees at the reciprocal 360° end
  • Comms on 126.7 MHz


*** make sure you DELETE the old package folder airport-YIVE-inverloch from your community folder
Do Not simply replace files

V1.2 - Added the powerlines and floats at road end of airport
         -Added fencing

V1.0 - Initial release

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 April 08, 2021

  • Launched April 03, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates -38.621616, 145.668867

  • S11
    17 day(s) ago
    i Have been watching this site develop ,now i know ! does it have the powerline balls ? its a shame the rest of the Area is only default scenery !
    • ironpot
      17 day(s) ago
      Hi. I’m trying to workout how to string power lines with the balls but it’s not easy. When you say default scenery-there’s quite a bit of underlying work that we put into these airports, especially where there was nothing. Also to keep it real l guess I didn’t want to add too much fictional stuff. This is what I have gleaned from driving by an aerial shots. I’ve you have any send them through-more than happy to try to incorporate. Thanks for your feedback
    • S11
      17 day(s) ago
      I meant the general Area outside your work ! unless I'm unaware someone had done Inverloch town etc ???
    • ironpot
      17 day(s) ago
      Lol. My misunderstanding. I sort of guessed you meant that after I pressed reply but then the Easter Bunny arrived and I had an egg hunt on my hands
  • piperwarrior2
    18 day(s) ago
    Nice, I live in Inverloch, thanks very much
    • ironpot
      18 day(s) ago
      I’m glad you like it. Enjoy

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