Just Flight PA28 Lighting Improvement

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Initial Release March 23, 2021
Last Updated June 08, 2021
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  • Version June 08, 2021

    EFB now dimmable!!!

  • Version May 29, 2021

    Updated to latest Arrow version 0.6.0
    Trimmed the fat

  • Version May 08, 2021

    No changes on my end, just updating to current version 0.5.2 that they snuck in.
    Make sure to update your plane from Just Flight

  • Version May 07, 2021

    Small maintenance update.
    Re-worked all the files to fix some errors.
    Removed extra files not needed as to not confict with Archer374s Interior mods.

  • Version May 05, 2021

    Updated against latest Just Flight update 0.5.0

  • Version April 25, 2021

    Update:  for Arrow version 0.4.0a

    Added dirty/clean versions.  Both contain fixed TAS scales. 

    Added a few knob lights.

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Hi...is this mod no longer needed for the newest JF patch 7.0?...or will you still be needing to provide an update for your mod?

What a cool upgrade! I like it much. Thanks

how do i install this?

will you be making one for the Turbo that just released?

Great work, How do you get the Nav Screen like in Photo 2 ?

Dont work in vr mode ?? or need to activate any option?😭
Love it, thx!
Anyone else on the edge of their seat waiting for the update? 😁

They appear to have fixed the AP 'Alt Hold' judder but it now seems that with Alt Hold engaged the aircraft very subtly descends at about 50fpm. Not sure how they've missed that but it seems to happen at all prop and throttle positions.

ps I'm not sure the hardwired EFB adds much. Personal preference, but I prefer the original battery powered iPad.
Arrow version 0.5 released. If you could update it soon that would be great.
Edit: the white wing nav lights are not needed either as they were added with this version.
OH shame on me... shame shame shame 😨

I have not realized that this mod will be overwriting your dirty/clean preference on the panel. I didn't even think about it.

So coming soon will be BOTH!!!

BOTH with corrected TAS scale. And a sneak peak added to the screenshots 😉
Excelent! You got the GNS430 screen issue fixed when selecting the GPS:GNS DUAL. Quick fix! Much appreciated!
Very good !
Just drop this to community folder?
I love this mod! It's a game changer
There seems to be a real problem with this modification when in VR. The lights create horrible columns of lights up and down the entire instrument panel.
This looks great! What were JF thinking with their default lights!
Just magnifique and so real !
thanks! amazing work!!! stay safe!!
Looks nice, but your mod unfortunately breaks my Lights mod which also updates the system.cfg.
Please add this to your description so people are aware of it. I just did it in my mod's description as well.
Looks very true to life. More "calming" than the original JF Arrow panel lighting. For me, it helps recreate the soothing experience of a low level night flight over well lit urban areas in clear and calm conditions (well, calm until you think about loosing power 😊 Well done!

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