JustFlight PA28R Arrow III - Little NavMap Performance Profile

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Version 1.2
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A simple but accurated profile from Little NavMap for JustFlight PA28R Arrow III.

  • I made 3 flights of 2-hours each to test, in practice, cruising speed and average fuel consumption. From the profile I created, it got + 90% accuracy on average.
  • The descent profile I chose: reduce the power until it reaches + - 9 gal / h and -500ft / min, adjusting the power and mixture when necessary.

How to Install?

1. Just save this file on your NavMap main folder, or any other folder.
2. Open the NavMap
3. Go to "Aicraft" on top bar > Click on "Open Aircraft Performance..." and search for the file, then click in open!
4. Enjoy it!

Thank you! ;)

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Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.2 March 23, 2021

    > More accurated climb performance (Fuel Consuption)

    Have a nice flight ;)

  • Version 1.1 March 16, 2021

    > More accurated speed (TAS) en-rout flight.
    > More accurated speed on descent profile.
    > Correction of fuel consuption to alternate field.
    > Correction of 30-min extra fuel.

    Have a nive flight ;)

  • Launched March 13, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Does anyone have for the PA-28R-201T?

Can you make one for the turbo too

Thank you for making it available, very good work !! Quick tip: upload a file to the Little NavMap blog as well, as it has a session for that, and so it helps both communities !!
how to install it. thanks

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