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First of all, I have found your enhancements to the website to be progressing, and improvements to the site.

All, that is, except for the tinkering that has gone on with the My Downloads tab, which, I'm afraid, has become LESS useful every time it has changed, IMO.

Let me explain.
I have, since early on, used the "Up to date" information in My Downloads to manage my addons. The page itself is quite well thought out, especially for updatable addons, but the Up to date page is not to my liking, I'm afraid.
Why not?

Up until the latest update to this page, I've been able to download the data, put it into Word, run a macro, and make it suitable to export into Excel, which is where it is most useful.

Unfortunately, there are two changes that have stymied me with the latest version:

The images don't download (just a blank square, which is not a big deal), but they do leave a square box, and unfortunately, although you can delete the images, it leaves what looks like a paragraph mark, but isn't. Word can't handle it.
The second problem is that you've removed the last download date, which was a most useful aspect, especially during this time of SU 5.
What would I like to see?

Ideally, I'd like to be able to download the whole list as a TSV, or csv, so I could open it up straight into Excel. I know that this is probably too much effort, so:
My other proposal would be for you to at least replace the last downloaded date on the page, and perhaps, rework it so that there isn't an uneditable symbol in it.
Thanking you in anticipation,

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