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Thank You! :)


Though it is sad, there are MANY are worse off than I am.

As a disabled person living here in the USA, I get a disability check every month. Having just 'basis things', after I pay my bills, I am left over with about $250 for 'whatever' each month. This goes straight into the bank.

As such, I really wish I could provide some money to you, alas, I really can not afford to do such, even more so now with everything getting REALLY expensive.

As I can not do such, I did (AND DO), AT LEAST, owe you a 'Thank You'.

Yall have done a wonderful job on the site and to ME, one of the best FUNCTIONING sites I have come across in a LONG TIME. Looks nice, no clutter, and easy to use.

Though I can not offer money. I can offer something. Though to discuss this, I would need to do this privately, and yes, it is legal (morally and ethically good) everywhere... ;)

Again, I am sorry I can not put 'something' in your pocket, I CAN, though, say 'Thank you'.

As a quick note to some, I know things can seem 'bad' from time to time. The next time you think things are bad, just think about people like me. You can run; I can not. You can go hiking; I can not. Or better yet, the poor slobs that have to live in such places as North Korea, Iran, or China. If you're an American, you have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT! PERIOD! NOTHING! I could care LESS WHO IS PRESIDENT! You could live in North Korea and have NO SAY IN ANYTHING! And be KILLED if you did so! As an example, what happened to that guy that stood in front of that tank in China that we all saw? DISAPPEARED! NEVER to be seen again! It does not take a 'genius' to know what really happened to him...and MANY others like him...

Be THANKFUL for what you do have - So many DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING!

Thank you again for the work yall have put forth to share with us all!


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