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Content Creators Rights

Whatever Flightsim.to reasoning there is (and it may be good reasons from your point-of-view) there needs to be compromise concerning content creators unfettered control of their creations.

I support them as much as I support the stability of Flightsim.to and have no desire to see this issue manifest itself no matter either sides point-of-view. Don't penalize the creators because of technical issues concerning how links and such interact with Google or search engines. I have enough reasons to dislike Google as it is. As far as being at the top of Internet search listings, who really cares? We know where Flightsim.to is and word-of-mouth in this community takes care of the rest (and right now there is a lot of it). Deleting content as desired is a reality, the content belongs to them and you need to work fairly with them. It would be like someone backing you in a corner and saying you don't control Flightsim.to.

I was looking forward to providing monetary support via the premium services when it came along but now that decision is definitely in limbo. I don't know if I care to monetarily support a venture that tries to take creators rights and abuse them. Don't put any unreasonable restrictions on how a creator decides to manage their content.

It should be understood by everyone the site must be supported with it's growth so, start the premium services and give it a chance to bring in monetary support but change the TOS to protect creators right to manage their content so we, the users can continue to enjoy Flightsim.to as we have been. Remember, freeware contributions made this site!

We are a great community, we don't need to be like a bunch of crazy politicians here. For those that choose not to partake in the premium services then let them deal with all those Google crap ads (what a nuisance they are).

Content that is restricted/archived is starting to bite us, the users. I'm finding many well liked freeware addons locked up by creators (I make regular downloads to stay up-to-date). Make the needle swing positive and not negative. Not being able to download the content will never be a good thing and can only lead to more controversy.

Flightsim.to is a great place for the MSFS community, let's keep it that way.


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February 23, 2023


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