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Last Updated 17. January 2021
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What's new in V1.0
+ Add ATC (with voice). Get ready to be loaded with the management of communication + VFR navigation!

Are you ready to test your flying skills and get overwhelmed by the view? Here are some VFR transitions from KMYF Montgomery field, San Diego.

Start with the taxiway Delta transition over San Diego International airport at 1500 feet. Enjoy the view over the San Diego bay, the USS Midway museum and the Coronado Bridge. Then, go practise touch & goes at Brown Field but don't cross the mexican border! After that, fly back via the North Island Shoreline transition and look at Hotel Del, North island NAS and Point Loma. Stay at 500 ft to fly BELOW the KSAN departure ! You next reporting point is the Crystal Pier reporting point. Now it's time to head back home to Montgomery via Palomar and Ramona airport... for a fly-over Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, former Top Gun home base.


This is second bush trip thanks to BushTripInjector by BuffyGC. Comments are welcome!

Features List

  • "Delta Transition" : depart from Montgomery (KMYF) to fly over San Diego Intl (KSAN) at 1'500 ft 
  • Enjoy San Diego Downtown, USS Midway Museum, San Diego Marina and the Coronado bridge
  • Land at Brown Field at the Mexican border à la frontière mexicaine
  • Sightseeing over Imperial Beach, iconic Hotel Del, Coronado beach right on the North Island NAS final approach
  • "North Island Shoreline Transition" to join point Loma, its lighthouse and maybe whales watching ?
  • "Shoreline Transition North": at or below 500 ft below KSAN departure (if facing west)
  • Land at Palomar (KCRQ) et Ramona (KRNM) to practise regular VFR navigation just up north San Diego
  • "Miramar Transition": fly over the iconic Miramar MCAS before joining one of the downwind for Montgomery

How long?

  • Flight length : 111 nm
  • Flight Duration : +1h00
  • Number of legs : 4

How to install?

Unzip the file into your Community folder. Once installed, launch MSFS, go to Activities, Bush Trips and select Delta Transition and more missions.


  • You start this mission on runway 28L. If you want a Bush Trip  version with Cold&Dark at Gibbs apron (my flying club is based here at Montgomery), please let me know!
  • Voice navigation instruction played by the Bush Trip features of MSFS can overlayed your ATC communication. Wait! It's like in real life. It's time to challenge the sterile cockpit concept

Recommanded addons I have also created an upgrade for your departing airport : Montgomery Field (KMYF) :

If you enjoy this Bush Trip you may also considering another one I've create replicating our last flight trip Farwest 2019 :


Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.0 January 17, 2021

    + Add ATC (with voice). Get ready to be loaded with the management of communication + VFR navigation!

  • Launched January 16, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!