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Le Touquet – Côte d'Opale Airport (IATA: LTQ, ICAO: LFAT) est un aéroport international situé dans le nord de la France. Le Touquet dispose d'un service de contrôle (ATC), d'une station météo, des services de la Douane française, délivre du carburant et enfin héberge plusieurs ateliers de maintenance, d'écoles de pilotages, une boutique touristique et pour pilotes, un restaurant et un centre de conférence. Une longue piste (1850 mètres / 6000 pieds), des approches ILS et RNP, la douane et sa situation juste sur la côte nord font du Touquet une excellente plateforme d'accueil pour les pilotes anglais et leurs passagers qui voudraient visiter la France. Attention, le terrain peut-être rapidement recouvert par la brume côtière!

Le Touquet – Côte d'Opale Airport (IATA: LTQ, ICAO: LFAT) is an international airport located in the north of France. LFAT has a control and weather service, pilot and tourist shop, refueling facilities, air maintenance companies and pilot training, restaurant and a conference center. A long runway (1850 meters / 6000 ft) ILS and RNP approaches, on site Customs service and located just at the north coast line, all these elevates Le Touquet airport as a perfect entry gateway for UK pilots and their passengers, to visit France. Caution, the airport can likely be covered by sea haze in few minutes!

This upgrade for the default Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery features :

  • New buildings to replace all the default.
  • All taxiway names and taxiways signs updated to match reality.
  • Plenty of asphalt patches on taxiways and apron to enhance immersion and weathered ground.
  • Real pilot as-real-as-it-gets special -> the old decommissioned railway is recreated and simulates bumps on apron and taxiways. Try by taxiing from main apron to T3 holding point.
  • Parking re-positioned and re-designed. Most are "Dock_Ga" type to remove unrealistic ground support (marshallers and tug) except for 3 of them on main apron close the terminal to match as much as possible reality.
  • Parking lines and helipad added as real.
  • Crossing the decommissioned runways 25 required to slow down if you are concerned by prop strike. As real as it gets.
  • New low tide simulation with La Canche river and its estuary + Le Touquet beaches as real as it gets when tides are low
  • Terraforming along La Canche river to protect the field from immersion. Same at the main Le Touquet beach just for fun.
  • New PAPI added and ILS facilities checked.
  • Waste water treatment plan added to improve immersion in final runway 31.
  • Fuel station repositioned and 100% redesigned.
  • Main public car parks redesigned and populated.
  • Static Helicopters Dauphin SA.365N SP Marine Nationale and Robinson R44 Raven (3D model by E.Baranger) at transcient choppers parkings
  • New hangar 1234 by Romain Broquet. Thanks for sharing freely the sketchup file!

If you want the maximum experience in this region, don't forget to install also the small Berck-sur-Mer (LFAM) airport scenery located just few miles south of Le Touquet. Go right there :

How to install? Unzip the file into your Community folder. Once installed go to LFAT Le Touquet as usual, the scenery automatically replace the stock one.

It's only my third airport (see KMYF Montgomery Gibbs Exec field KMYF and Cosne-sur Loire LFGH). It's made with 98% default buildings and objects but largely increased immersion compared to the default. No handmade texture or 3D objects have been designed, because It's far beyond my design skill ;) Neverless, in real as a private pilot, I fly at Le Touquet dozen of time and all these give a feeling of "it looks like what we have in real". It's an amateur and passionate real pilot work. Just for the fun of doing it and sharing with the community ! 

Tools used: ADE Beta 12 for MSFS to generate the initial .xml project file, then all the design, modification and placement are done with the included MSFS SDK editor. Blender and GIMP. Thank you to Didier B., Farid L and Marc L. for their numerous Beta tests.  

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version v2.54 October 31, 2021

    Minor adjustements on canche river and compilation compatibility with SU6

  • Version v2.53 September 08, 2021

    - Minor fixes after MSFS update (few objects have pink textures)
    - More boats on Canche river

  • Version v2.52 August 23, 2021

    Extension of La Canche river reflecting the low tide

  • Version v2.51 August 07, 2021

    Compatibility with (SU5 and hoxfix)