Current Version 1.1.3
Initial Release 19. August 2021
Last Updated 29. April 2022
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Downloads 14,118

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Have you ever dreamed about flying like a bird, outside of a metal can with a windshield? Now you have a chance to do it in Microsoft Flight Simulator - take on your suit and prepare for a mind blowing experience!

You can hover like a helicopter, or escort an airliner like a jet fighter. Participate in competitions or fly above cities in VR mount. Your only enemies - small fuel tank and extremely sensitive controls.


Flaps handle is flight mode switch:

Flap #1 Cruise flight - native flight model only active
Flap #2 Stabilization - available at the speed less than 100kn, automatics will try to hold you in vertical position, manual control effectiveness also increased
Flap #3 Hovering - automatics will try to hold you 10 meters above the surface, set throttle to 0% or 100% to avoid controls conflict
Flap #4 Landing - when you hover above ground, enable to land smoothly
Flap #5 Parachute - ensure you have at least 500ft altitude above ground. To toggle chute quickly, you can use Gears handle [G]

Gears handle [G] - landing parachute, ensure you have at least 500ft altitude above ground

Anti Ice [H] - toggle first person view helmet visibility

Pitot Heater [Shift+H] - toggle HUD/HMD visibility

Spoilers handle - helmet display vertical adjustment

Navigation lights switch [Alt+J] - aboard attachment toggle

Int > End fixed camera (A to toggle)


We are not trying to build a copy of any real aircraft. However, we are trying to make it fly at least somehow realistically for given specifications, in the existing limits of MSFS and our knowledge. Please consider JW1 as an evaluation of simulator capabilities rather than an attempt to create a flight trainer. Any experience you will get with this add-on can't be used in real life, both for flying or aircraft building.


Project finished! Get latest freeware or payware version and enjoy the freedom. You can always leave feedback or report issues in comments below or in our Discord. Some technical limitations exists that we can't affect anyhow, but they will be solved by MSFS developers with time.

This add-on does not support any of autopilot of assistance features - ensure that you disable all assistances on related tab before JW1 flight.

  • Aircraft Type: wing shaped jetpack
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 350lbs
  • Engines: x4 jet 100lbs thrust each
  • Autonomy: 15 minutes
  • Max range: 90km
  • Take off: vertical hovering
  • Landing: parachute
  • VR: supported
  • Indication: Modern HMD
  • Visual effects: downwash, exhaust smoke, ground contact dust, water contact
  • Startup procedures: simplified (master starter switch)
  • Liveries: 4
  • 270inc textures
  • ANRI flight model, competitions
  • Got Gravel flight model
  • Dietmar Loleit GenHUD
  • 1L2P instruments
  • brm352 instruments
  • maxx2504/Micha flight model


You got fully working aircraft without payment, with full support, without usage time limits. If you like this add-on and wish to continue to use it, please purchase JW1 SkyPirat on SimMarket. You will also unlock some additional features.

Versions comparison

Feature                   JW1 SkyTraveler  JW1 SkyPirat
Price                                 FREE            €8 (Excl.VAT)
High poly models                  ✔                        ✔
16k textures & PBR               ✔                         ✔
Hovering mode                     ✔                         ✔
VR motion controls               ✖                         ✔
Control panel                        ✖                         ✔
Accurate flight model            ✔                         ✔
Avionics symbology   ◯ FSX GenHUD     ✔ AH64A HMD
Nearby aircraft indication      ✖                         ✔
Aboard feature                     ✔                         ✔
Landing chute               ◯ Round             ✔ Ram-air
Visual Effects                ◯ Basic               ✔ Advanced


Unpack folder touchingcloud-aircraft-jw1 into Community directory of MSFS, launch simulator. You can use an add-on installer if you have any.

To install alternative flight model, after main files already unpacked (previous step), copy content of maxx2504-flight-model into community folder. Alternative FM is more stable and predictable - jetpack will fly like a small plane rather than body attached to the wing. If you feel default one too hard to control - try new one. If you are happy with “challenging” style of default FM - you better stay on it.

Paintkit available on


Delete folder touchingcloud-aircraft-jw1 from Community directory of MSFS, restart simulator.


Yes, almost. We had an idea of Helmet Mounted Display implementation, which means avionics symbology is always in the middle of the screen. We have succeeded partially - it works with mouse camera controls, with some limitations, but currently MSFS SDK does not provide a way to get VR/TrackIR head rotation data. So by default the symbology screen follows the mouse view, while for head trackers you can use Spoilers axis to control the vertical position of the display manually. Model itself is fully supported by VR, you just need to configure controls for your needs - spoilers, flaps, gears and taxi lights (SkyPirat).

Readme PDF file inside of install archive. Helmet display symbology not explained in manual yet as it under development.

To apply hot fixes (if you have not made manual changes in config files), just unpack archive content into Community over existing folder. Before minor (like 0.9.0) or major (like 1.0) updates recommended to remove old version completely.


Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1.3 April 29, 2022

    - VR helmet camera pitch angle fix (dedicated VR camera removed)
    - fuel system upgraded
    - center of gravity moved back 1ft
    - pitch stability increased

  • Version 1.1.2 January 07, 2022

    - dynamic helmet mounted display works again
    - fixed SU7 hotfix issue - engines throttle does not react on joystick throttle lever

  • Version 1.1.0 October 23, 2021

    SimUpdate6 issues fixes:

    - smoke displacement (still may happen randomly)
    - while staying on flat surface, body fall on the back
    - downwash and heat blur effects are broken, disabled temporarily

    Minor improvements:

    - Smooth turbines spinup and slow down sound
    - parachute deployment and simulation improved

  • Version 1.0.0 October 09, 2021

    Final version! We worked hard to finalize all planned features, hope you will enjoy it.
    Feel free to leave feedback or report issues in comments below or in our Discord.

    Changes log of v1.0.0:

    * parachute simulation greatly improved
    * branding removed from textures and livery names
    * minor animation improvements
    * nearby targets indication improved (SkyPirat)
    * thumbnails updated with latest model
    * last flap position used for chute again (for proper chute appearance in multiplayer, gears short key still can be used)
    * smoke transparency increased
    * extra fixed cameras added
    * smoke colour can be set by livery name