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* 3 Real Lugano-Agno Airport buildings and tower (with the "Lugano Airport" lighted sign)
* Completely redesigned Apron with real parking names, helipads, lines and lights so that we actually see something at night.
* Correct taxiway names, lights and signs telling you your position and taxi directions
* Grass taxiways S and Z with a few airplanes parked on "Grass Parking Sierra"
* Football pitch 
as well as a few buildings on the RWY 01 Final
* Tennis pitches behid the control tower
* Fences all around the airport
* A few parkings around the airport and most of the close roads to the airport have textures now
* Runway lights and Localiser at the end of RWY 01 as well as NDB models are in place
* PAPI lights on RWY 01 with an angle of 6.0° and 4.17° (both PAPI should be on the left side of the runway but due to SKD limitation I have to put them one on each side.  Left is the 6.0° and Right is 4.17°)
* PAPI lights on RWY 19 with angle of 4.17°
* Removed a few buildings on the right of RWY 19 right before threshold
* Added a few boats (can be seen on final of RWY 01)
* Runway has been flattened (to many bumps in the original)

Very nice airport in Canton Ticino, the region of Switzerland where people speak Italian as it's very close to the Italian border.
Lugano - Agno Airport has one of the most steep and dangeros approaches in Europe. Check this website for charts.

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* Test glideslope

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* MSFS 2020 has a big problem with night lights, and "Update 5" made things even worse. Lights are placed hundreds of meters above the ground. (This is not my scenario's bug, MSFS already comes like that)
* Fuel pump outside airport perimeter, in the parking. (Bug of the Sim which is not deleting the pump of the original scenery)

Initial Upload

* Partially fixed jumping airplanes (I cannot see them moving but I think they still do a bit. Looking better though. This will be fully solved with a future update from Microsoft). Had to change the planes close to the hangars because the jumps where too big.
* Moved part of the road as fences where over it
* Added white paint border to runway

* Fixed windsocks pointing in the wrong direction (offset by 180°)

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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