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Last Updated 25. February 2021
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It's aircraft carrier time. This is a carrier group placed in locations around the world. 

Think I'm going to class these as a 'stunt' location as there are some, erm, compromises. There are carrier mentions in the developer documentation but nothing else so there are no steam catapults or arrestor cables, just your own boring old engines and brakes to rely on. 

There are however now two programs that do give carrier functionality made by people much cleverer than me that can be used with these so check them out here - which also has its own carriers.  

These carriers are nothing more than lumps of terraformed and dried out sea with a model on top. The irritations are down to making them usable airports that'll show up in the map. A dumb surface to land on would look better and be easier to do but would be less usable. 

You need to turn off crashes to use these. 

There are three different models in most locations. To make things clearer each ship has the same runway number at each location. If the ships are different the runway numbers start with 04. 

Runway 01 - A HMS Queen Elizabeth at 280 metres. This has no visble runway lights. No parking and one start point. Does the new model twitch in an intensely irritating manner less than the old one? You are not permitted to ask me this. 

Runway 02 - A Nimitez-esque carrier at around 340 metres. This is the only carrier to have a parking space. Not sure why you'd want one, but you get it anyway. Two runway starts, one at the start of the ship, one closer to a real catapult launch location. 

Runway 03 - An Admiral Kuznetsov at 304 metres. No parking and two starts arranged similarly to the above.  

Why would Russians be trundling around with Americans and Brits? Kaiju of course. 

ATC is present. ILS appears in the guts of the file but probably doesn't work. It never does for me. I really need to figure that one out. The Kuznetsov and Nimitz have one strip of runway lights and one PAPI light in a possibly stupid place but it might come in handy.

All locations are starred unless otherwise stated. If you don't want a world map completely filled with these there is an unstarred version which is the second download from this page. All names begin with 'carrier' so type that in the map screen and a list of them will appear. 

Current locations - 


San Francisco in the bay near Alcatraz. ICAO - ACSF. Coordinates -      37.853931, -122.403854
New York in Manhattan. ICAO - ACNY. Coordinates - 40.602660, -74.043143  

Carribbean somewhere between the Britsh and American Virgin Islands. ICAO - ACVI. Coordinates -    18.08908, -65.0524

Rio de Janeiro outside the bay but not too far away if you want to pop in to town. ICAO - ACRJ. Coordinates -    -23.029428, -43.002231

Norfolk Virginia  Out to sea a few miles from Virginia Beach. ICAO - ACNV. Coordinates -    36.858646, -75.814215. Mindless carrier models that aren't runways have been left in the dockyard.  

San Diego  Close to town and the naval yard. One has an approach between some sky scrapers. The others are more sensibly parked. This is partially on photogrammetry terrain which really, really doesn't like being terraformed. ICAO - ACSD.  Coordinates -     32.652786, -117.194432

Falklands This is a full blown extravaganza. One regular carrier group . ICAO - ACFM. Coordinates -    -51.467110, -61.036887.  One unstarred HMS Hermes in San Carlos Water. ICAO - ACSC. Coordinates -      -51.523275, -59.076374

There are also three ships to find East and North East of Stanley, another HMS Hermes - how odd, HMS Invincible and the, or a, Atlantic Conveyor type thing. They are not airports but they are landable. The models and textures aren't A1. Can't be bothered to correct that right now. I would love to have stuck in a ARA 25 de Mayo and proper period escort ships but there's not much out there. 

Hawaii - A few miles out to sea East of Kaho'olawe. ICAO - ACHW.   Coordinates -       20.605938     -157.002000

Also included is a mystery location somewhere in the correct historical vicinity of where Japan launched their attack on Pearl Harbour.

There are two carrier groups 25 miles part ish made up of three Shinano class carriers with Kagero class destroyer escorts. You can land on these but they're not airports so can't be found unless you stumble across them. 

Newfoundland   A Charles de Gaulle and Mistral on the SE side of Newfoundland. Both models are a bit... sensitive. ICAO - ACNF. Coordinates -      46.758681    -55.250254



North Sea not too far from Heligoland. Equidistant to the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. ICAO - ACNS. Coordinates -     54.72167, 6.995314

Cyprus. The perfect location to play out your nationalist grudges whatever they may be. ICAO - ACCY. Coordinates -      34.80485, 34.24877

French Riviera  Just off Cap Ferrat and Nice. Perfect for those want to take class war that little bit further. ICAO - ACFR. Coordinates -    43.581394, 7.419341

Isle of Wight. ICAO - ACIW.  Coordinates -      50.595319, -1.443976  

There is a mod by Aviationeh to go with this location adding ships to the area -

Near London - ICAO - ACLD. Coordinates -     51.496942, 0.663018  

Central Liverpool, in the water obviously. ICAO - ACLV. Coordinates -      53.404951, -3.007382 A lone Nimitz.

Norway  At the end of Sognefjord down in the depths with some very silly landing and takeoff possibilities. ICAO - ACFJ. Coordinates -    60.920062   6.874819

Biarritz  A Charles de Gaulle and a Mistral not too far from Biarritz. ICAO - ACBI. Coordinates -     43.596506     -1.613186


Cape Town. Close to shore with an approach over the hills. ICAO - ACCT. Coordinates -     -33.947850, 18.341212

Lagos. I should've put this further out to sea. My arse hurts. So no. ICAO - ACLG. Coordinates -    6.390989, 3.426891

Casablanca. Too close AGAIN. It's late. ICAO - ACCB. Coordinates -     33.646526, -7.707354

Gulf of Suez. This is much more nautical. In the Red Sea about 120km from Suez. ICAO - ACSZ. Coordinates -      28.866822, 32.913080

Australasia/ Asia

Sydney Just outside the harbour. ICAO - ACSY. Coordinates -      -33.870341, 151.327391

New Zealand In the Cook Strait not too far from Wellington. ICAO - ACWN. Coordinates -         -41.346701  174.450741

Black Sea  Near Istanbul. ICAO - ACBS. Coordinates -      41.331980, 29.340734

Straits of Hormuz  ICAO - ACHZ. Coordinates -      26.662936, 56.395895

North Korea  A few miles from Wonsan. Best to get an Ambition Haircut before departing just in case. ICAO - ACNK. Coordinates -        39.269835, 128.655586

A USS Enterprise CVN 65 planted at Yankee Station 90 miles off the North Vietnamese coast. ICAO - ACYS. Coordinates -     17.499047, 108.500273

Hong Kong

In the middle of town. Two carriers, the Liaoning and Shandong. ICAO - ACHK. Coordinates -      22.293898   114.150829

I was so sickened by the state of the port at Hong Kong I've done an upgrade of the second carrier's surrounds here - 


The Liaoning and Shandong in the Taiwan strait cos you feel like a bit of sabre rattling. ICAO - ACTW. Coordinates -         25.710148, 120.696830


Middle of the North Atlantic below Greenland. ICAO - ACAN. Coordinates -      59.387623, -33.654331.  This is a lone Nimitz scaled up and with a fuel bay for your lengthy hopping. 

Tristan da Cunha. ICAO - ACTC. Coordinates -      -37.239954, -12.435205. The Nimitz has been scaled up to accommodate a fuel bay cos there really aren't too many other places to get some in that part of the world. Trust me. 

South of Iceland   ICAO - ACBA.  Coordinates -  59.517396  -19.760918    A WW2 Atlantic Convoy. You will be taking off from the HMS Illustrious which is runway 04, or the Ark Royal what is 05. There's also a dumb carrier somewhere in the middle that's landable but not an offical runway. 

Antarctica   ICAO - ACAC. Coordinates -      -62.855206, -58.196414    A carrier group with a fuel bay in the Bransfield Strait. 

Compromises - 

There is no pushback and no fuel apart from the oceans carriers. It won't place items outside official terrain, so once you're parked up you might be there for good if you're on the large side. If you start off in the parking spaces it is pointing in the right direction out towards the runway. 

These seem to often run a bit choppily for me. This actually starts before I even install a model so there's something going on with the sim either with open water or terraforming in it. Not sure why and hopefully it's not the same for you. Some are full on slide shows. Bummer. 

The airports seem to be rather confused, can't blame them, so you may end up being sent to the wrong runway. Dunno why. Or care all that much. ATC often refuses to favour the primary ends of the runways.

The models have pop in and levelling problems and glitches viewing them from a distance. This is down to the terraformed terrain they're hiding. It also seems to affect the visibility of Papi lights from a distance too. I can't see this changing soon. 

Is there loads of other broken stuff? Probably. I'm getting seriously befuddled. Let me know if you find something egregious.  

Model credits - The Stuc 71, Mandun, Hunter_3ddd, Nikos D, Masahiro M, 

V 2.7  adds two new locations and two new carriers. This is for our French brethren. There is a Charles de Gaulle and a Mistral LHD with La Fayette frigates. 

These have two new locations of their own - Biarritz and Newfoundland - they've also been added to the French Riviera carrier group and elsewhere as landable non runways. 

Both of these models are a bit buggered and like twitching. It must be a terrain LOD issue that causes this but some models are much more sensitive to it and these two are terrible.

They're fine for taking off. You will see some very unusual effects when you approach to land. If they're non runway versions they'll behave. 

Also upgraded are some of the other support ships. The Kuznetsov in particular was pining for Slavic company so it now has a new and very large friend for those long and lonely trips. 

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.7 February 25, 2021

    Two French ships added - the Charles de Gaulle and Mistral. Two new locations just for them in Newfoundland and Biarritz.

    New support ships for the other groups.

  • Version 2.6 February 19, 2021

    Two new Chinese carriers in two new locations - Hong Kong and the Taiwan Strait.

  • Version 2.5 February 16, 2021

    Carrier group added to the coast off North Korea.

    A USS Enterprise CVN 65 added to Yankee Station, 90 miles from North Vietnam where the US carriers were based during the war.

  • Version 2.4 February 12, 2021

    Two new carrier groups.

    One in Antarctica, one a WW2 Atlantic convoy off Iceland.