Current Version 5.3.5
Initial Release 19. February 2021
Last Updated 27. October 2021
File Size 39.81 MB
Downloads 24,750

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“MFS Addon Collector” Automatically extracts, analyses, tests, tags, rates, updates and classifies your addon collection into airports, aircraft, sceneries, liveries, missions, flight plans, sound and aircraft enhancements, dividing them into meaningful categories you select, based on their types, features, location, developer, creation date, version, relevant tags, source archive, problematic issues etc, associating them in a number of useful ways, testing they don't prevent the simulator from loading, organize their disk folder hierarchy as you see fit, link the ones you select to the simulator (based on their specific title, category or your presets), automatically compose the shortest flight plans between their locations and dynamically tracks and visually logs (in a web page) your flights among them on one of 30 styles of maps, letting you also drag and drop your aircraft anywhere on face of the earth.

For easy accessibility this information gathered is presented either as a categories tag tree, a thumbnailed information blocks list, an editable, sortable, searchable, multi-filtered grid, a simple edit form and as pins, tacks, buttons and location symbols on a map.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 5.3.5 October 27, 2021

    FEATURE: Relative rating checkbox in the List tab makes rating relative to the currently selected tree category - this option is enabled by default
    FEATURE: Some aircraft types tags modifications & new aircraft category "Freighter"
    UPDATE: Manual updated to version 3.3.5

  • Version 5.3.4 October 25, 2021

    FEATURE: Binary charts with one value are now display "Yes" or "No" tags instead of "1" or "0" tags.
    FEATURE: Enabling Basic or Deep Analysis mode cause analysis to restart

  • Version 5.3.3 October 23, 2021

    FEATURE: Added extremely X10 faster tagging mode
    FEATURE: General settings added to the settings tab to enable or disable three tagging modes: Basic tagging, Shallow tagging & deep tagging. Selecting more then one option would start with the fastest mode, than the slower, than the slowest.
    FEATURE: Context sensitive title (idle or tagging) in maximized UI mode presents less info
    BUG-FIX: Mission types with too much POIs were not defined as missions
    BUG-FIX: There was no "Sort by Index" option in the right click context menu when the mouse is on an empty area while right clicking it
    BUG-FIX: When renaming title it was showing only after refresh
    BUG-FIX: List tab context menu didn't highlight selected sort keys

  • Version 5.3.2 October 22, 2021

    FEATURE: New global settings added (to the bottom of the settings tab): "Sim On Top" to control whether the app would set the sim window on top while in test (QA) mode and while logging flights: This setting is disabled by default to support VR.
    UPDATE: Support tagging three new aircraft WW1\Sopwith Triplane, WW1\Sikorsky S16, Jet\Sukhoi Superjet 100
    UPDATE: Manual updated to version 5.3.2
    BUG-FIX: Better handling of additional source folders mounts