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Initial Release 17. October 2020
Last Updated 09. July 2022
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Zell am See Airport (ICAO: LOWZ) is a public use airport located 4 kilometres (2 mi) south of Zell am See, Salzburg, Austria. Usable for airplanes up to 5.7 tonnes.

Since I'm tightfisted I decided to make my own version of this interesting airport. There are no custom 3D objects and you won't find the same level of detail as in Gaya's implementation of this scenery.
But this one is free.
The main terminal is copied from the one in Innsbruck and works surprisingly well, even though it should be red, not green.
All other objetcs are standard MSFS objects and fit very well.

Here are some helpful charts to approach this airport correctly and safely.
With a 120KTAS GA airplane this airport is reachable with a 30min flight from Innsbruck (LOWI) and it is a very scenic flight.

modified some large buildings placed by autogen with custom placed buildings similar to the real ones and added some cosmetics around the airport.
added star to airport map and ATC (tower/ground)
added some more detail and small refinements in and around the airport (glider trailers, parked cars, vegetation)
fix missing tower for some users

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 0.9.0 July 09, 2022

    - removed double windsock
    - cleaned tall buildings in the area
    - minor cosmetic improvements

  • Version 0.8.1 April 18, 2021

  • Version 0.8 April 17, 2021

    - fix modellib.bgl issue

  • Version 0.7 October 31, 2020

    - fix "overwrite taxi names" console log error message