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Just west of the village of Stehekin, at the head of Lake Chelan, Stehekin State Airport provides access to some of the most awesome scenery in Washington.  (WSDOT)

Stehekin State Airport is all about the nature and sights around the area. You won't find fancy structures, large marinas or an array of people camping side of the runway. This is a place where you come in (S10 Chelan is quite close and a very scenic trip), land your plane in the short and tricky airport, get out of your plane and go enjoy nature.

Sceneries like this are more about recovering vegetation in the airport area, for some reason MSFS gets confused with certain ground textures and skips them to place trees or vegetation. I have fixed the area around the airport.
The default runway was very generous as long as length and width are concerned. I restored them with airnav+wsdot data.

Enjoy the sights, they really deserve a visit.


Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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