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The engine in the default Savage Cub is completely wrong. Asobo modelled a 2.0L engine with 100hp and really off numbers in CHT and oil pressure.
This mod will restore the standard Rotax 912UL with 80HP and fix the CHT and oil pressure.
The engine was essentially copy-pasted from the Asobo FlightDesign CTLS which has a Rotax 912ULS, the main difference between the two is that the 912ULS has 100hp, I preferred to model the 912UL in the Savage Cub has 80hp.
Additional modifications were made to the propeller and fuel consumption which was extremely low.

At cruise power the Savage Cub will now fly at 90KTAS approx and climb rate is about 1000ft/min at full power MSA.
Full specifications courtesy of wikipedia.

The Savage Cub can also mount, optionally, a Rotax 912ULS which is 100bhp. To model this engine simply edit the field in the .cfg file. Even with a 100bhp engine the model will have more realistic cruise speeds and climb rate (namely, no longer 190kph cruise speeds with 1600ft/min sustained climb rates)

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Known issues:
The external RPM gauge (the one visible in the external view) will display wrong values, unfortunately I have no fix for that. I have those gauges disabled for aesthetic reasons and really don't like them.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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