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Port Alsworth is a small village in the eastern shore of Lake Clark, Alaska with a population of 159 (wikipedia). 
There are lodging activities and it is within easy reach of Anchorage, Kenai or Kodiak. The surroundings offer beautiful landscapes with high mountains near the lake that offer a great visual contrast.

Now for the technical details. In the real world, there are two airports. TPO and PAKX.
In MSFS we have two as well but TPO and PAKX have an overlapping runway, a known source of problems in some conditions (e.g. when flying with AI ATC)
In addition, the default TPO layout includes two runways instead of just one.
In order to not distress MSFS's fragile nerves I decided to not touch TPO layout and deactivate PAKX as this is the safest approach.

Additionally, all houses in the airport surroundings were missing so I had to do a big housing work. If you start rivet counting you will notice some repeated houses, if you look from an airplane instead of playing The Sims you won't notice.

Required (or better put, optional libraries but you will miss a lot of details)
* Lower Loon MSFS scenario
* Windy Things
* Dave's 3D People
* Dave's 3D Animals

this scenario was implemented using orbx alaska mesh and, hopefully, it should be compatible with stock. I have no plans of implementing a separate version without that mesh.

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    cleared vegetation from runway side

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