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Packwood is small community in Lewis County, Washington State and a popular tourist destination for hikers, fishers and other outdoor activities.

The airport is a perfect destination or starting point placed at almost the exact center of a triangle with vertices Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and St. Helens.
Some of my previous sceneries are within easy reach from Packwood, e.g., Ranger Creek, Strom, Swanson.
Longer ranged fligths can start from Olifield, Diamond Point. Chelan makes for a good destination as travelling to/from there will take you through the Wenatchee National Forest and Mt. Rainier National Park.

The runway has been redone from scratch with custom markings and the overall area around the airport has been improved with powerline poles, fences, parked cars and other structures in the vicinity of the airport.

Unfortunately I had to dismiss adding the ground based white-green beacon as, for now, MSFS will render the beacon light at a fixed height and there is no option to attach it to a custom object other than the large standard library which is too big for this scenery.

- Packwood Airport (

In order for this scenario to work correctly you need to have installed Dave's 3D People Libbrary by BadMed (
Many many thanks to BadMed for this precious library.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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