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Lake Chelan Airport (FAA LID: S10), formerly known as Chelan Municipal Airport, is a public use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) northeast of the central business district of Chelan, a city in Chelan County, Washington, United States.

Former FS2004 and FSX users might know the area because Chelan was featured in a Georender series scenario by Richard Goldstein, same goes for Skykomish State (S88) and Wenatchee Lake (27W).
The airport is a few miles out of Chelan Lake and sits right next to the Columbia River.
I overhauled a bit the stock representation (which was already very good) and added missing hangars and many details in and around the airport.

To enjoy a full VFR experience you can takeoff from W28 Sequim (see suggested downloads), Friday Harbor (included in MSFS), KORS (payware and freeware available) or many other surrounding airport like 1S2 Darrington, 3W5 Concrete, etc.
A few minutes flight will take you to Spokane to the East.
To the West we have the Wenatchee National Forest, Glacier Peak and to the North we can enjoy the North Cascades National Park.
So you can depart from Sequim W28, explore the Olympic Range, head over to the San Juan Islands and then to the North Cascades and finally head SE to the Wenatchee National Park and finally E to Chelan lake. This makes for an astonishing sightseeing trip and the perfect excuse to use the wonderful Turbo Bonanza by Rob Young (see suggested downloads)

Cove Resort, Wenatchee Lake
Cove resort facility in Wenatchee Lake has been enhanced and is now a worthy place to visit. I did not add any POI or fictional ICAO but it can be easily found overflying the lake.
In alternative, you can add the following coordinates to your flight plan:
47.829189, -120.713788
As a bonus I'm including an overhaul of the following airstrips in the area in this same package:
* River View Airpark (WT03), a perfect strip to practice challenging short takeoffs and landings and it sits less than 5nm out of S10 Chelan. Caution the winds.
* Wenatchee State Airport (27W) sits right next to Wenatchee lake and is a beautiful dirt airstrip where even twin pistons can land comfortably.
* Skykomish State Airport (88W) is a small airstrip deeply tuck in the mountains around Skykomish and makes for challenging approaches and interesting weather conditions.

Suggested Downloads

Reference (interesting reads)

Happy landings.

In order for this scenario to work correctly you need to have installed
* Dave's 3D People Library
by BadMed (
* Dave's Seaplane base object library by BadMed (
Many thanks to BadMed for this precious library.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.0.3a January 27, 2021

    - fixed missing runway on S10 Chelan airport, sorry.

  • Version 1.0.3 January 25, 2021

    - fixed "overwrite taxi names" in console messages, this is a minor error due to a bug in the SDK when adding map stars to an airport. Sorry for the inconvenience
    - be sure to remove the old version prior to updating

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    - added Wenatchee Lake Cove Resort

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