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Homer is a small city in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Resident population is about 5000 people.
The city is well known for sport fishing, fish related tourism and fish commerce. A fish economy.

The airport is an important transport node with a 6700ft runway and has LOC and RNAV published procedures. Ravn Alaska and Smokey Bay Air are two companies operating flights to Anchorage, Nanwalek, Port Graham and Seldovia (see my profile for related downloads, Anchorage is also available in, Nanwalek included in the game).

The airport runway, general layout, taxiways, painted lines and parking spots have been kept with stock implementation. I re-implemented from scratch all aprons, airport buildinds, beacon tower and placed the windsocks where they should be. Some minor adjustoments were made to elevation bumps in the taxiways, runway and aprons. Night lighting has been improved as well.
I also removed a beacon tower that was standing in the middle of Beluga Lake.

Required libraries (or better put, optional libraries but you will miss a lot of details)
* Windy Things
* Sergio Del Rosso asset pack
* Dave's 3D People

this scenario was implemented using orbx alaska meh but, hopefully, it should be compatible with stock. I have no plans of implementing a separate version without that mesh.

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