Current Version 0.8
Initial Release 17. October 2020
Last Updated 05. May 2021
File Size 3.88 MB
Downloads 6,824

This file has been scanned for viruses and is safe to download.

This LIMJ improvement can be used as standalone but I heartily suggest downloading simog LIMJ scenery here:

This scenario already includes litewolf Genoa Lanterna lighthouse (

IFR procedures are very interesting and challenging here and some interesting crosswinds make your everyday ILS autopilot landing a bit less of a milk-run.
The area is also visually interesting with one of the main Italian naval civilian ports in the close vicinity and a quite tormented landscape with hills, bridges and tunnels all the way until France.

Interesting areas to see are the Genova Lanterna, oil/cargo/passeger cargo docks, the marinas and the arcelor mittal crooks depot.

A big Thank You go to all users who suggested changes and improvements and an even bigger thanks goes to litewolf, who gets all the credits for the splendid Lanterna 3D model included in this project and also for explaining me the concerns of the different areas in the Genova portuary facilities.

remove any previous installation and drop into your community folder

1. To avoid the duplicate Lanterna: if you are using Genova photogrammetric packages remove the folder quelcertoleo-limj-genova\scenery\world\scenery and restart the game
2. I have not tested compatibility with any photogrammetry package and since I don't use google maps photogrammetry scenarios as those lack night lighting, carefully placed roads and other details there will be no modifications to adapt this package to other photogrammetry packages.

0.2 - added Lanterna model
0.3 - added Lanterna night lighting
0.4 - restored missing objects after 1.9.5 patch
0.5 - added missing night lights
0.6 - added star to airport map
0.8 - added compatibility with simog LIMJ scenery

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 0.8 May 05, 2021

    - compatibility with simog LIMJ (see description for download link)
    - flattened two areas that appear different after sim updates
    - flattened Poste Italiane area to allow autogen to place buildings
    - removed SDK default buildings in the terminal area
    - removed ILS antenna 3D object
    - removed map star as it is included in simog scenery package

  • Version 0.7 October 31, 2020

    - fix "overwrite taxi names" console log error message

  • Version 0.6 October 20, 2020

  • Version 0.5 October 18, 2020