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Flying M Ranch is a well known location along the Yamhill river with many activities (see references below).
A skilled pilot is require to negotiate the obstacles in the vicinity of the runway.
About the runway, it is 1000ft long, has a powerline sitting on two sides and a pond next to it. To make things simpler, the airstrip is located in valley and weather can be...interesting.

Flying M Ranch was featured in Georender 1 about 20 years ago and it was one of the best places to practice STOL operations with a decent landscape with the technology available at the time (I had a 600MHz, yes MHz, PC with 32Mb, yes Megabytes).

In this scenario I'm introducing a new feature, powerlines. I decided to model them as they represent one of the biggest challenges for low level flight and a good portion of the area around the airstrip is surrounded by powerlines.
Unfortunately though, our game still does not model the collisions with such lines, not even with poles.

This is a very nice airstrip to practice short landing techniques like side-slips, forward-slips and flying the backside of the power curve.
To make things more fun, OR05 sits a few nm of distance from OG20 Fairways (available as freeware from Orbx and heartily recommended) and you can practice VFR and dead-reckoning navigation techniques.
Another very nice thing to use is the STOL Realism version of the Savage Cub by GotGravel.

* youtube has many videos featuring Flying M Ranch, I know them all because I spent countless hours gathering material about the area :)

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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