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Diamond Point Airport is a private community airport located on the northeast corner of Miller Peninsula in Clallam County, Washington, 8 mi (13 km) east of Sequim.

Former FS2004 and FSX users might know the airport as it is a classic that was rendered many times in detail and in various simulators.
The airport is a few miles E of W28 Sequim ( and a short hop accross the Juan de Fuca strait from KFHR Friday Harbor (included in MSFS).

The airport is very interesting and challenging. The runway is quite narrow and induces a false sense of perspective for altitude estimation. Additionally the winds and downdrafts can pose some challenges. Be sure to read carefully the information linked below and follow the procedures for noise abatement.

As a bonus I'm including also a complete overhaul of WA45 Olympic Field ( which was featured in previous renditions as well. This small and challenging turf airstrip is just a few miles to the S of 2WA1.
I have absolutely no information about this small turf airstrip but I was triggered by the high number of cars parked in the area. The only explanation I have is that there is a cannabis shop nearby at Discovery Bay :)

Be sure to check also my W28 Sequim scenery as it is a few nm away and makes a perfect triangle to practice patterns and touch and goes.

Airport Information

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Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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