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Bootleggers Cove is a privately owned airport a few miles south of Homer, in the Kachemak Bay.

The name appears to come from the times of alcohol prohibition and the area was a hot point for smuggling illegal alcohol into Alaska. See wikipedia for more interesting info.

In MSFS the airport name is Oyster Cove and I kept that one to avoid confusion with other data sources, especially now that for some asobugs-ish reason we have double entries on GPS for airports with additional scenery.

The airport is very close to Seldovia (link to freeware scenario) and Nanwalek making it a fun addition to the "triangle of STOL" as I call it.

The runway is about 300mt long and 20mt wide and surrounded by trees, makes for a very interesting approach.

The island has been manually crafted using the very scarse material that I found. I tested the scenario using orbx alaska me(s)h but it should work also without it.

See required and optional dependencies for added context.

Pretty empty over here.

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