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Akhiok is a tiny village situated in Kodiak Island with a population of around 70 persons. Most of the economy is dedicated to fishing, a few do commerce but mostly for subsistence.
In January 2003, each Akhiok shareholder received $200,000 from sales of a $36 million trust fund provided in the Exxon Valdez oil spill settlement. (wikipedia)

For this scenery I removed all trees as I could not find a single picture of the area having trees around, I also removed the horrible default asphalt runway. Like already happened to me with PALB Larsen Bay I was not surprised to find a perfectly usable satellite image of a gravel runway.

I did not modify the stock parkings and taxiways but you will benefit from this as the airport will keep the default refuel station which is not there in the real world.

Required libraries
* Windy Things

this scenario was implemented using orbx alaska mesh and, hopefully, it should be compatible with stock. I have no plans of implementing a separate version without that mesh.

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