Current Version 1.2.3
Initial Release 26. August 2021
Last Updated 22. March 2022
File Size 576.42 MB
Downloads 16,196

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An iconic German WW1 Fighter, made famous by Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, better known, as the Red Baron.

Fully remastered down to every last detail, this re-release features a compleatly redone 3D model, 4KHD full PBR textures, refactored flight model, sounds and fully re-written modern code that should survive future sim updates. This was designed to minic a replica DR.1 used for airshows. For those wanting to fire the machine guns using their joystick trigger, you will need to bind your trigger to "SET NAV LIGHTS" in the sim.

A massive thank you to my team at GotFriends for their support on this one. New flight model by GotGravel, and entire re-rewrite of code & interactions by Jonx. Model & Textures done by myself with substance paint support and guidence from my mate TwoSeventy.

The original relase also featured a fun Americas 1930 livery that people absolutly adored. This livery was not included with this release due to size constraints but was fully remastered in 8K high definition by TwoSeventy himself! You can grab it here:

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Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.2.3 March 22, 2022

    - Replaced heatFX to a smaller, less distracting one for VR
    - Setup mouse and motion controller mouse collisions for VR
    - Started groundwork to get motion controllers and stick working in VR (WIP)
    - Minor texture fixes
    - Massively reduced memory footprint on textures while keeping quality high
    (Optimized Performance, esp for users with older 4GB GPUs)
    - Fixed Normal map on Gun Holster
    - Adjusted Glare-shield lighting
    - Fixed Altimeter calibration knob animation (was reversed)


  • Version 1.2.2 January 27, 2022

    Entire remaster. Consider this an entire re-release from scratch!
    - Redone 3D model to higher accuracy
    - Redone PBR 8K Textures
    - Refactored Flight model (GotGravel)
    - Rewrite of code (Jonx)
    - New sounds on startup
    - Added guns that fire
    - Added multiplayer smoke
    - Added many little eastereggs like a checklist and blunderbuss revolver with animation for fun

  • Version 1.2.1 September 24, 2021

    Replaced sound files with default package with smoother gradient, continual down spooling when shutting off engine mid flight.

  • Version 1.2.0 September 19, 2021

    Sept 2021 Update
    - Adjusted rear fuselage to be more boxy & repainted liveries match
    - Added exhaust heat effects
    - Fixed rear landing skid mesh geometry normals
    - Fixed bugged cylinder that appeared as chrome
    - Improved registration decal (should flicker less at a distance)