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Initial Release 14. November 2021
Last Updated 21. November 2021
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Have you ever wanted to leave your signature in the sky?

With the the effects editor released in Sim Update 5, now you can!

But you need still need make the effect with the not-so-friendly effect editor, then you need to find a way to attach the effect to the airplane

Sounds complicated? Really, no, it isn’t, but I was really surprised no one has not released a mod to easilly add smokes to airplanes, yet

So, I bit the bullet and write a few lines of code, and here you have it

Smoke-a-plane is a simple application written in VB.NET (you will need latest .net framework libraries to run it, but you should already have them).

The app will give you the ability to add acrobatic smokes to any of the 20 standard planes (at the moment, only the default livery is affected)

Usage is pretty straightforward and explained in the app itself (if you need a tutorial just tell me and I will record one). 

Once you have created a new smoking plane, the relevant files and folder will be copied into Community (the app will try to detect default MSFS folders, if it fails you have to provide them manually)

To see the effect, jump into the smoked airplane (DEFAULT livery) and toggle the effect with the condition set in the app (could be NAV or LANDING LIGHTS, PITOT HEAT, YOKE VISIBILITY, anything “toggable” in the cockpit!) 

Everything is still in beta, and need your advide to fix any bugs!



The package contains several folders, all of them but the “smoke-a-plane-app” can be placed in Community, 

The folder “smoke-a-plane-app” contains the configuration app and config files, you can put it everywhere you want (and, if the include airplane are enough for you, you can trash it!)

The two folders:

mamudesign-vfx-smokeitaly” and “touchingcloud-effects-aerobatics-smoke” contains the effects library. (I’m including in this package the effect by Alex Marko, they are great btw,, without his tutorials effect creations would it be a nightmare)


The other folders are preconfigured aircrafts, you can use them or create new one with the included app

  • pitts-smoke-airshow”: The Pitts Special with white smoke in the middle and red smokes on sides, I have linked smokes toggle with Yoke Visibility 
  • e330-smoke-italy”: E330 Windows11 Livery,  configured with the Italy Flag colors, central smoke toggles with landing light and side smokes toggles with Nav lights
  • e330-smoke-deutschland”: E330 Default Livery,  configured with the Deutschland Flag colors, central smoke toggles with landing light and side smokes toggles with Nav lights
  • cap10-smoke-france”: Cap10 Default Livery, configured with the France Flag colors, central smoke toggles with landing light and side smokes toggles with Nav lights
  • savage-dusting” , Savage Cub, default livery, configured with a simple “water/cropdusting” effect, toggles the landing light to activate

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 November 21, 2021

    - fixed a bug for Steam installation
    - added support for new default planes
    - add a new smoked plane: F/A 18 (central white smoke, toggle with landing lights)

  • Launched November 14, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!