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This scenery is the first, full rendition and fully animated of the Skyway Mont Blanc. 

The Skyway is a cable car that connects Courmayeur to Punta Hellbronner, via a middle station located at Pavillon du Mont Frety. After a full overhaul in 2015, it is now known as one of the 8th marvels of the World. 

But the journey doesn’t stops there. The full ride literally fly over the Mont Blanc Glacier with the Panoramique du Glaciers gondola. Starting from Punta Hellbronner tourists and alpinist will have the opportunity to admire the Mont Blanc from a unique view, and after a 35 minutes ride will eventually arrive at the Aiguille du Midi, 3842 meter above sea level. 

And the trip is not yet finished. Another cable car is waiting there to bring you down to Chamonix, via the middle station located at Plan de l’Aiguille

Since the project is made for a Flight Simulator, the Heliport  “Elisuperficie Franco Garda”, (located in Entreves, Courmayeur) as been also created. If offers a base for Search and Rescue missions. You can find it by typing “Entreves” in the Msfs search box or with the fictional ICAO HSKYW



-          All the buildings / cable cars stations involved in the Skyway all round trip: Courmayeur station, Pavillon du Mont Frety station, Punta Hellbronner station, Aiguille du Midi station, Plan de l’Aiguille station and Chamonix station. 

Where available, real world technical drawing has been used to match appearance and dimensions. 

All the models are custom handmade creations, with full PBR texture

The Aiguille du Midi peak has been hand sculpted and covered with procedural texturing, to best fit all the buildings around the mountain.

-          Fully animated cable cars and gondolas. The Skyway, Italian side, has a special animation, the cabin rotates 360° for a spectacular view of the surroundings

-          As an alpinist myself, I can’t miss the opportunity to design the legendary new Torino hut (aka Rifugio Torino Nuovo) has it’s place right under Punta Hellbronner

-          Night lighting in place (as per known light sources) 



Drag and drop the folder in Community and you are done. 

The package works perfectly with my Project Lifts scenery, but should be installed AFTER that.  You can control scenery order by editing the Content.xml file


Due to the mountainous terrain, lot of terraforming has been required to shape the location of the various lifts stations.  The terraforming as been developed to work best with the default mesh, 3d party mesh will lead to missing terrain or terrain intruding inside some of the buildings.



 I forgot to add the exclusion polygons for hellbronner and pavillon, here you can download the fix (it is not needed if you have already installed my projectLifts scenery)

Will update this as upgrade as soon as SU6 will be released (in order to double check compatibility)

Please apologize me!

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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