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Vigevano is an Italian town of 62.108 inhabitants in the province of Pavia in Lombardy.

An industrial center of national importance, Vigevano is known for having long been one of the main shoe production centers in the world. There, in 1866, the first industrial model shoe factory arose, opening a season that in the following century would have led the capital of Lomellino to produce tens of millions of shoes exported all over the world, earning the nickname of "shoe capital. ". Even today, the International Shoe Museum, housed in the premises of the Castello Sforzesco, preserves the evidence of a crucial period in Italian industrial history. The municipality is the second in the province by number of inhabitants after the capital and first by surface, included entirely in the Lombard natural park of the Ticino Valley.

It has long enjoyed various autonomies in the course of its history, formerly a free municipality federated in the second Lombard League and capital of Vigevanasco, as well as a bishopric. It was also the first Lombard city to have obtained the title of city in modern times.

Vigevano has been for centuries one of the reference poles for Lombard and Italian manufacturing: it was Ludovico il Moro who introduced the silk industry to the Lomellino capital , which alongside the already consolidated wool tradition will contribute to assigning a well-defined physiognomy to one of the main industrial centers of northern Italy.

The most important sector of the Vigevano economy is the footwear sector with the production of shoes, accessories, materials and machinery for footwear. Already active at the beginning of the twentieth century, the footwear manufacturing began to establish itself during the First World War, to reach its peak during the fifties, at the same time as the export of tens of millions of shoes in Italy and abroad which allowed in Vigevano to earn the title of capital of footwear.

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