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Pavia is an Italian town of 70.971 inhabitants, capital of the province of the same name in Lombardy.

Located 34 km south of Milan, along the Via Francigena and on the banks of the Ticino river, just north of the latter's confluence with the Po, the city has its origins in the era of the Gallic tribes; later it became a Roman municipium with the name of Ticinum and the seat of an imperial mint in the 3rd century AD. In the Middle Ages it was the capital of the Lombard kingdom for two centuries and then, from 774 to 1024 , the capital of the Italic Kingdom. Strong free municipality, which was able to stand up to Milan for centuries, it later became the residence of the Visconti court from Galeazzo II until the first decades of government of Filippo Maria Visconti, and since 1361 it is the seat of a university, recognized among the best in Italy .

The ancient origins and an important historical past have left a considerable artistic heritage to Pavia: among the main tourist attractions are the Visconteo Castle, the Basilica of San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, the Malaspina Art Gallery, the Duomo, the Basilica of San Michele Maggiore and the Covered Bridge, just to name a few, so much so that Pavia is counted among the main art cities of the Po Valley. The city is also the capital of a province devoted above all to agriculture, in particular to viticulture, rice-growing and cereal-growing, to the tertiary sector, while the weight of the industrial sector is much more limited. Pavia is inserted in the Ticino park and, within the municipal boundaries, there are some woods that bear witness to the great forest that once covered the Po valley.


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