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Sesto San Giovanni is an Italian town of 80,589 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Milan in Lombardy.

The name of the municipality is made up of Sesto, indicating the distance in miles from Milan along an ancient Roman road, and San Giovanni.

In the twentieth century it was the seat of one of the largest and most extensive industrial concentrations in Italy, with metallurgical, electronic and electrotechnical factories; in the same century the textile industry and book and paper production were also flourishing.

It is the most populous municipality of the metropolitan city after Milan, with which it is completely merged urbanistically, and is part of the territory of Northern Milan.
In 1954 Sesto San Giovanni was awarded the title of city.
In those years Sesto resumed its urban and demographic expansion and continues to be an important economic center; during the years of lead it will be the scene of some actions and propaganda of the Red Brigades.
Economic growth continued until the crisis of the nineties of the twentieth century when all the historic factories in Sesto were closed, the last of which was Falck in 1996. Sesto had to completely transform itself from an industrial city to a city of the advanced tertiary sector, a phase still in progress with the reconversion of the areas. previously occupied by factories.

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