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Cologno Monzese is an Italian town of 46,687 inhabitants [2] in the metropolitan city of Milan in Lombardy. Since February 2017, the municipality is part of the Adda-Martesana area.
Mediaset has its headquarters in Cologno, which with its main production center characterizes the western area of ​​the municipality. The company occupies the former factories of Cinelandia, where the Caroselli were shot.

Brugherio is an Italian town of 35,188 inhabitants in the province of Monza and Brianza, the southernmost of the province.
A center of medium importance from an economic point of view, Brugherio is about ten kilometers from the center of Milan and 5 kilometers from the border, located in the north-east of Milan, in the Milanese hinterland.
At the dawn of 1982, the Brugherian industry had two food industries, five textiles, seven wood and furniture factories, thirty-three mechanical, fourteen chemical and seven others inserted in other sectors, for a total of 68 factories with 3,301 employees. Currently, the Brianza economy (and therefore also Brugheria) is part of the so-called "industrial pentagon" whose polar centers are Paris, London, Hamburg, Munich and Milan.

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Pretty empty over here.

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