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Mantua is an Italian town of 49.275 inhabitants capital of the province of the same name in Lombardy.

Servius says that Mantua was one of the cities founded by the ancient Umbrian people. It was subsequently inhabited by the Etruscans, who were followed by the Celts. The Romans provided for their expulsion by starting fortification works. During this period the poet Virgil (70 BC-19 BC) was born.

Since July 2008, the Lombard city of art, with Sabbioneta, both united by the legacy left to them by the Gonzagas who made them two of the main centers of the Italian and European Renaissance, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List . Given its importance as the capital of the marquisate and then the duchy of Mantua, it is represented among the fourteen noble cities of the Vittoriano, as a symbol of "noble mother" and precursor of the subsequent Savoy monarchy and the unity of Italy. 

In 2016, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism awarded Mantua the title of Italian capital of culture. In 2017 Mantua and its province, together with those of Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona, were awarded as the European Region of Gastronomy under the name of Eastern Lombardy. Mantua was also a European city of sport in 2019. [15]

Mantua is the only city, understood as a widespread urban museum, present on the Google Arts & Culture platform,  with more than 1,000 digitized works, 40 virtual exhibitions set up in 8 different virtual museums.

Furthermore, according to what is reported in the Legambiente report "Urban Ecosystem 2017", the city was ranked first in the ranking of the best Italian cities for quality of the environment and life. 

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