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This mod reproduces the scenario of Bergamo, already published here by others. I think my scenario is slightly more complete and more pleasant to fly over. A few days ago I asked the author of the first scenario of Bergamo for authorization, but having received no response, I feel free to publish my version.

Bergamo is an Italian town of 119.684 inhabitants , capital of the homonymous province in Lombardy.

The town of Bergamo is divided into two distinct parts, the "Lower City" and the "Upper City"; the latter is located at a higher altitude and houses the majority of the most significant monuments, while the Lower Town - although it is also of ancient origin and retains its historic nuclei - has been partly made more modern by some urbanization interventions . The two portions of the town are separated by the Venetian walls, which have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017.

Bergamo is nicknamed "the city of the Thousand" due to the large number of volunteers from Bergamo - about 180  - who took part in the "Spedizione dei Mille" (expedition of the Thousand) led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, a crucial episode of the Risorgimento.

Like much of the economy of northern Italy, the Bergamo complex is mainly made up of small-medium enterprises, with the presence of large industries, ranging from the food sector to the metalworking one.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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