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Welcome to the royal lands of the west. The regions that cut through the meridian, vast and full of things to explore. Architecture, history, fjords, cliffs, and much more.

The United Kingdom is a vast island that used to be a monarchy. Though the royal family is still given importance, they no longer rule the lands. The United Kingdom comprises of four distinct regions: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, in this bush trip, you will not be exploring the latter option. You will traverse the unparalleled Scottish highlands, the royal English hills, and the untouched Welsh mountains.

For this trip, you will be using the DA62. It’s fast, easy to manoeuvre, and can go high as well as low. It’s the perfect choice for such a long yet interesting bush trip.


Reccomended mods:
EGEO Oban (North Connel) - Scotland » Microsoft Flight Simulator

EGYR Ballone Castle Airstrip Scotland Upgrade & Local "land spikes" scenery fixed! » Microsoft Flight Simulator

EGHE - St Mary's Airport & Isles of Scilly Scenery UK - Upgrade » Microsoft Flight Simulator


POIs: 265

Legs: 25

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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