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Initial Release 16. July 2021
Last Updated 18. August 2021
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Update v1.8.0:

  • FLAPS section removed
  • Native effects added via ModelBehaviours instructions (rain, dirt, or snow effects) => see screenshots in the banner

Menestrel HN-433 N° 43 F-PYKA and Super Ménestrel N°01 F-PYXE story (real aircrafts built by J.C. Afflard and H.Talagrand)

This 3D project has begin in 2010 under Gmax with the collaboration of J.C. Afflard the builder the HN-433 n°43 registered F-PYKA. Based on original drawings and informations that he give me, this model was initially developed for FS2004 and then ported to FSX. At the end of 2020, I decided to switch this project to Blender 2.83 and make it a native model for MSFS.
At April 21, Claude Talagrand has asked me to create the repaint of th F-PYXE, the HN-434 build by his father. As the cockpit of this aircraft is quite different, a new dashboard should be created. Envolved in others projects, I don't have the time right now to make this work  but I worked for 10 years on this project so I can spend a few more years on it since Asobo modifies this simulator deeply with each new release. The SDK is not finished anyway, as well as its documentation, so that leaves me time to finish these complements quietly ;-) Also this addon is W.I.P.

The story of all theses developments are described in this post "Menestrel and Super Menestrel story" of Pilote-Virtuel forum.

    Delete any old "frenchvfr-menestrel-hn43x" folders in your Community folder.
    Extract the new "frenchvfr-menestrel-hn43x" to your MSFS Community Folder.
    Make sure you folder structure is /Community/frenchvfr-menestrel-hn43x/SimObjects/

This plane has no flaps so in order to land and to decrease the speed, use the "crab.opposing" approach as described in this PDFs : Airplane Flying Handbook (chapter 8).
This plane has a management tablet (click on the small sheet between gauges in the center of the TDB). 
This GUI allows to:
 - remove the engine cover,
 - to put the wheel chocks,
 - to visualize the filling of the tank,
 - to display the pilot and/or the "co-pilot" (a little cat),
 - to prepare a "cold & dark" situation,
 - put the aircraft in flight conditions, engine running (close the canopy anyway).

A click on the bottom of the tablet will be enough to make it disappear.
The plane can also be started with the mouse: 
 - first in the cockpit, with the canopy open, 
 - A) check the mixture (100%),
 - B) turn on the two magnetos,  
 - C) open the fuel, 
 - D) and with the mouse click on the propeller which will start the engine,
 - E) close the canopy by a click on the right or left attachment.

Only the use of the paintkit to create additional liveries is allowed.
Theses news liveries can be published but without including this addon and with reference to it.
You are not allowed to publish this addon on another site under any circumstances.
You are not allowed to modify or enhance my addon under any circumstances.
You are not allowed to convert this addon under any circumstances.
You are not allowed to use my files under any circumstances.

For support questions, contact [email protected] 


I would like to thank several friends of mines who helped me in this project:

 - Jean-Claude Afflard builder of the F-PYKA without whom this adventure would not have started and for all the documentation he provided me and Claude Talagrand for the numerous pictures of the F-PYXE.
 - Jean GROS "Epsilon" who gave me the desire to start the creation and who followed me throughout my training 
 - Jean-Pierre Bourgois "Bee-Gee" without whom I would never have tried to transcribe a flight model on FS2004 or FSX
 - Bernard Debierre "Bede40" my 3D friend with whom I have created French-VFR home site
 - Pascal Dierick "Greenhopper" for his "talented brush" and his numerous repaints
 - Sylvain Artu aeronautical designer, for his drawing of the HN-434 which appears on the management tablet.

Didier "Lagaffe (3D Designer)

This aircraft has no FLAPS ?

Use the "crab/opposite approach" method or read theses documentations:

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.8.0 August 18, 2021

    - FLAPS sectionremoved from CFG file
    - Native effects for landing (rain, dirt, or rain) via ModelBehaviours

  • Version 1.7.0 August 08, 2021

  • Launched July 16, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!